That Aint Me No More

I was listening to Cee Lo Green as I laid out this quilt. The only words I heard clearly throughout the whole CD were “that ain’t me no more”. I think that’s what this quilt is about, something new.

9 Responses to “That Aint Me No More”

  1. C.S. Miller says:

    This quilt very much reminds me of Mondrian. It’s uncanny how much this reminds me of Mondrian’s paintings.

  2. Luanne Thulstrup says:

    Very fitting and lovely!!!!

  3. cindy chambers says:

    lol!out of the whole CD? But great words they are. This is very pretty. I love the bright fabric surrounding the dark . Congrats on becoming a full time artist, Cindy

  4. Here’s to the new you, a full-time artist, stepping boldly into 2011 – Happy New Year!

  5. Maria says:

    Guess I’m slow when it comes to words, I always hear the music before the words.

  6. Maria says:

    Oh I love all the encouragement, thanks

  7. Mary Rita Scott says:

    I love the quilt & the story of it’s inspiration & the theme “that ain’t me no more” celebrating the New Year and the New You( with your lips to the river of your life). Bravo!!!

  8. Bobbie says:

    Very fitting indeed! Love it!

  9. Cindy Chambers says:

    Hi Maria,You deserve all the encouragement! Drink it all up and enjoy.

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