Library potholders and Lila Downs

After spending about an hour this morning with my ipod, filming the shelf in my studio

Lila Downs is singing in the background)  I continued working on my Library Tour Potholders.

The Osterville Library was under construction, (actually it was just a hole in the ground),  so they have their events in the gym of the Methodist Church next to the temporary Library, which is in the basement of an office building.  I caught the crowd in the Scituate Library but was able to do a quick drawing in the Rochambeau Library in Providence (Adult Library).  I worked from one of Jon’s photos of the fern in the window of the Edmonsds Library in Marthas Vineyard.

5 Responses to “Library potholders and Lila Downs”

  1. Peg says:

    Beautiful art, Maria. However, I just could not find the video of your studio on You Tube. Peg

  2. C.S. Miller says:

    Those potholders are really lovely!

  3. Maria says:

    I know, It’s up there, and you can access it by clicking on the link on my blogs, but for some reason it only comes up on my YouTube page. Ah, one of those technical things.

  4. Rose Partridge says:

    Maria, these pieces of your art really take the cake! They are so finely done, it boggles my mind that you can do such precise, detailed work on your machine. You have honed your skill and your vision so quickly, I cant help but smile when I look at the early ones, which oh by the way, I also loved. I cant wait to see where you take this next, Im excited for you! If I were there, Id stick a feather in your cap! (Not that you need one of course)

  5. Maria says:

    Oh, thanks Rose, how sweet of you to say.

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