One of my Streaming Pillows where it belongs

  You would have thought I had known where this pillow was going to go and made it to match the room.  But I didn’t know and was so surprised when Paula and Pam sent me this photo of my pillow on their couch. ( I love the pink walls!)

So if you like horses, dance and movement, then check out Paula’s website: Horse Dancing.  And if you like horses painting and photography check out Pam White.

one of Pam White's prints

5 Responses to “One of my Streaming Pillows where it belongs”

  1. C.S. Miller says:

    That looks great. It’s like the couch cover design is a streaming piece too so everything complements each other.

  2. Love how you match without even realizing it! Just like you did with my pillow.
    How cool is that? Pretty cool stuff.

  3. Maria says:

    Yea, Barb, it’s kinda interesting.

  4. we LOVE it!!! We visit it with tea most mornings. It is in a delicious corner of the house that we call the parlor. Starting our day with streaming.

  5. Maria says:

    How Sweet! It looks like the perfect room to have tea in.

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