Booradley and the New Orleans Goddess

Jenifer send me this photo of her cat Booradley and my streaming pillow.  He seems to be enjoying it and looks gorgeous with the maroon velvet.

That same pillow on it’s new porch in New Orleans.

5 Responses to “Booradley and the New Orleans Goddess”

  1. Suzanne Tate says:

    Your work is universal, Maria….beautiful no matter where it rests.

  2. C.S. Miller says:

    The pillow looks great and the kitty has claimed it as his own.

  3. Christine Catherine says:

    These are beautiful pictures, Jenifer. I love seeing your art pieces in their new homes, Maria….especially with animals enjoying your creations, too. Christine Catherine

  4. Mary Muncil says:

    Amazing pillow! So perfect for its new home!

  5. Annie Bancroft says:

    Booradley is a very handsome cat! And the pillow is beautiful with him and just as beautiful on the porch, which matches completely! Annie

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