Bell in the Snow

There’s a bell on the roof of our house.  We heard that Florence, the woman how used to live here, used to ring it to call her family in for dinner.  When we first moved in we found that Rocky, the 34 year old blind pony, would run to fence when we rang the bell.  This is that bell in today’s snow.

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  1. Marcia Morse says:

    What a wonderful sound, Maria. Beautiful snow, too,although it makes much more work for you and Jon.
    On our farm we had a horn to call everyone in, and my grandmother had would sound it to summon the 40+ feral cats that lived here and there on the farm. She would put food out for them on a flat rock near here house, and then sound the horn. We loved the scene. Wish I had photos of all those cats at once.
    Hope you feel better today.

  2. Vicki B. says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful image and sound Maria. It just brings so many different thoughts and feelings to mind. Even just your idea of doing this is so wonderful. (I especially like it because it feels like Spring here in Phoenix today which is way too warm for me in December. I would much rather be ringing a bell in some snow!) Thank you! — Vicki B.

  3. Tess Wynn says:

    I love this, such a cool share. Any and all references to Florence and Rocky will always be appreciated! are hearty folk..stay warm up there..prayers for an early Spring :)

  4. Cindy Chambers says:

    That bell must be so meaningful to you. I loved how it eventually rang the snow off each side. That’s what we (and many others) did. Now we are free.
    To think of Rocky coming to this is bittersweet. Great video Maria. :)

  5. trish says:

    When I was visiting Cambridge recently, I noticed quite a few buildings with this sort of bell on top and wondered what they were for. We don’t see them in Eastern MA. I’m wondering now if they’re common in agricultural areas. It would make sense with family members scattered across a farm.

  6. Margaret says:

    With six children…. I could use that bell!

  7. Rural TN says:

    What a cool thing to have on the roof.

  8. Maria says:

    I bet Margaret, and I hope you’re feeling better, I’m sure with six children there’s no time to be sick.

  9. Maria says:

    It is cool to have a bell on the roof. Often I forget it’s there.

  10. Maria says:

    I’ve never seen one on a house before Trish.

  11. Maria says:

    I hadn’t thought of it that way Cindy. And yes, I still sometimes cry when I think of Rocky.

  12. Maria says:

    Wow Marcia, that’s quite a visual! I love it. Once I saw a woman walking along the road by her farm and she was being followed by what was probably about 40 cats. It was a wild sight!

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