My Drawing in a Frame

drawing in frame

I love seeing pictures of my work in the homes of the people who buy them.  Today was the first time I saw one of my drawings in a frame.  Marilyn sent me this photo of my drawing “The Place Where Dreams Serve Your Soul” hanging in her house.  I think whenever you put a picture in a frame it gives it a bit of legitimacy.  As if it’s worthy of a frame and something you’d want to look at everyday.  Looking at this photo, I can’t stop smiling and that feels good.  Thanks Marilyn.


4 Responses to “My Drawing in a Frame”

  1. trish says:

    It’s got to be great to see your art once it has moved on an become a part of someone else’ world.

  2. Tess Iten says:

    I love how it was framed- gives me an idea on how to frame the drawings I have from you Maria. It shows your work beautifully. Tess

  3. Lois Wetzel says:

    I love the choice of the white frame and mat. It showcases your pencil work nicely.

  4. Laurel says:

    Simply beautiful.

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