Cardboard Postcards

Those Nike bags that Jon bought for the RISSE Soccer team came in these great boxes with white insides.  Just the right kind of cardboard for making my cardboard postcards.  I like the white surface for drawing on better than then natural cardboard color because the marker shows up better.

So now I have an endless supply for my postcards.

Here’s some of the postcards I drew over the weekend…

8 Responses to “Cardboard Postcards”

  1. Tony Breuer says:

    Hi Maria. Are these for sale? I love them.
    Tony Breuer

  2. Claudia says:

    Like a dream that you never make sense of but the feeling remains long after. And how do you mail a predatory owl postcard?

  3. Englishsheepgal says:

    These are so cute Maria, glad you’re feeling better. Funny that they all have animal(s) in, and some kind of check pattern, starting with the tiles in front of the log burner.

    Reading your posts this last week, the things you’ve mentioned appear too, giving all the houseplants a wash and spring clean, of course the new fish, dogs and cats, and your long lived cactus plant.

    Like them all, but the chicken one is my fave.

    Tuesday is a big delivery day at work, all the prescription foods we sell, and a lot of the vaccines and medications come in today – I know I’ll be looking at those boxes in a different way now!

  4. Maria says:

    Can we somehow patchwork those boxes Hannah?

  5. Maria says:

    You made poetry of my postcard Claudia. It is predatory isn’t it?

  6. Maria says:

    I wasn’t thinking of selling them Tony, I don’t see why Not though. I can email you about it. Thanks for asking.

  7. Gerrie duvick says:

    These are fantastic!!

  8. Englishsheepgal says:

    Not sure about patchwork, but I did find myself eyeing a nice white box, and our pink, blue and bright yellow highlighter pens yesterday…….

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