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The Small Dark Pool Of Water

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

one tree

There are certain trees that I’ve come to know in the woods where I walk.  Live ones and dead ones.    And now I understand that they know me too.  Just as the crow, who sits on the electrical  wire that runs past our house, can recognize my face, the woods where I walk know me.  In the way that woods know.

There’s one tree that I’ve written about before.  Its trunk is formed in a way that at its base is a pool of water.  And because I’ve seen now, in all the seasons, I know that the water is always there.  It doesn’t drain or evaporate.  In the winter it freezes and when the streams are low and dry at the end of summer the water is still there.

Today I squatted at the base of that tree.  I looked into the small dark pool of water.   The husk of a seed pod floated on the surface.   When I first saw the pool, almost a year ago, I believed it must be stagnant, filled with mosquito larvae and things rotting.  I was fascinated by it, but wasn’t drawn to touch it.

But today,  I dipped my fingers in the water.  And I found myself touching my dripping fingers to my forehead and heart, as if I had dipped them in holy water.

Then, my hands and head to the tree I listened.   I saw a pool of dark water, like the one the tree held, inside myself.  It sat at the base of my belly, still and dark and constant.   So I dipped my fingers in the pool of water  again.  This time I sucked the drops off my finger tips, adding the trees water to my own.

I don’t know why that tree holds water like it does. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  But it feels very special to me, even sacred.   I can only imagine the tree is tapping into a water source deep in the ground.   Reaching down into the earth, and up to the sky at the same time.  And all of it coming together, to be shared with whoever is willing,  in the small dark pool of water.

Grazing in the Back Pasture

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Chloe heard me opening the gate to the back pasture and came running.  It took the donkeys and sheep a few minutes to realize the gate was open.   Jon was out with a friend and the dogs taking pictures in the woods, so I didn’t have Red’s help in moving the animals.  But they all seemed to know where to go.

Chloe found some good grass in the back pasture

Chloe found some good grass in the back pasture

Sending off My Potholders

Friday, April 29th, 2016

potholders almost done

I finished sewing up my  Vintage Farm Life and Mexican Themed Potholders  today and got them all packed up and ready to be mailed.   I still have some Vintage Farm Life fabric so I’ll probably be making some more of them.

Usually on Saturday mornings  I go for a long walk in the woods with Fate while Jon teaches his writing class.  But tomorrow I’ll go to the Post Office first and send out my potholders.  Hubbard Hall, the old Opera House and theater, is having their annual plant sale, so I’ll probably stop there too.   It’s hard for me to resist flowers this time of year.

Circles of Horse Hair

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

chloe's hair

Anyone who has a horse and one of those round rubber curry combs knows what this is.  For everyone else, it’s what horse hair looks like when you clean it out of a specific round rubber curry comb.  It comes out in this neat pattern and holds together for some time.

This time of year, since Chloe’s really shedding,  we have these small circles of hair all over the place.  And each time I pull one off the comb I think I should be able to do something with it.

I know the birds will find it and use the hair in their nests  (I have a small nest made from Fanny and Lulu’s hair), but I still think someday it will come to me and I’ll put all those circles of hair to good use.

Daily Grazing

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

daily grazing

It’s becoming a daily practice, grazing the lawn.  Today we moved the fence further towards the road to give the donkeys and Chloe more  lawn to mow.

We’re keeping an eye on them, today I brought my computer out so I could work while they ate. Lulu discovered the lilacs, they’re just starting to bud and must be sweet because she won’t leave them alone.  I keep chasing her off and she keeps sneaking back.

After about an hour and a half they all seemed to have their fill and willingly went back to the barnyard.

Embroidered Cat Quilt, cont.

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Cat a

I began my day by designing the last embroidered cat.

Cat b

I had only a small piece of the blue left, so I had to piece it together.  I had just a tiny scarp left over.

Cat done

Once again I got caught up in the process and forgot to take pictures.  But I did finish designing the quilt this afternoon.   I still have to put it all together then I’ll put it up for sale.

Embroidered Cats Quilt

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Cat 1

Someone sent me four embroidered cats.  This morning I began making a quilt around them.  I got caught up in it and forgot to take pictures along the way. Maybe the cats have me in a trance.  I’m using a lot of vintage fabric and some brand new fabric that Kenna sent me.

Cat fab

This fabric even has a date on it.  I was ten years old in 1974.

Cat 2

I could see through the linen the embroidered cats were on so I put a piece of fabric behind them which adds a subtle texture.

Cat 3

I was having trouble figuring out what to do next on the piece of the quilt I was working on, so I started working with one of the other embroidered cats.  There was a round stain, just a slight discoloration, hardly noticeable, above the cat.  I was going to cut it off, but had purposely cut the fabric to the size and shape that it is and I didn’t want to change that.  I liked the way the cat looked in that space.  So I stitched a circle around the stain making it a moon.

Cat 4

At the end of the day I played around with placing the cat and moon piece.  This is where I liked it best.  It may change tomorrow.


Minnie and The Hens, A Video

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

The thing about taking videos of animals, is you never know what they’re going to do.  I took a video of the chickens before this one and Minnie ran away from me. This time she did the opposite.  Guess I liked this video better.

There’s also a new video of The donkeys and Chloe mowing the lawn.  Instead of pushing a mower around, Jon and I decided to sit around and watch the animals do the work.  The video is to the right of this post on my blog.

scratching minnie


Vintage Mexican Themed Potholders

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Donkey Sold

Last year, my friend Kim McMillan gave me a Vintage table cloth and napkins that she found at a garage sale.  They had a Mexican theme.  I imagine they’re from the 1960’s, some were more worn than others.    I used some of the fabric in a quilt a while ago, but I still have some left.

Cutting between the holes and stains I found a few images that I thought would make good potholders.

For these I went back to Bertha’s quilt to get some squares of fabric from the same era as the Mexican fabric as well as using some pieces of newer fabric and some Vintage fabric I had in my stash. I tried to keep the colors in a certain tone to match the feeling of the images.



Bird Sold


Pig Sold


Fruit bowl I

Fruit Bowl I Sold

Fruit Bowl II

Fruit Bowl II Sold

I’ll be finishing these potholder by the beginning of next week.  So if you see one you like, let me know.   Like yesterday’s potholders they’re $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more.

You can email me at I take checks and paypal.

I still have a couple of potholders from yesterday for sale.  And I made one more with a Scarecrow on it today.  You can see them all and the other potholders I have available here on my Buy My Art page at the top of my blog.

Fate, Burying Bones

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

fate w raw hide

Yes, that’s three rawhide chews Fate has in her mouth.  And there’s no guessing at what she saying to me.  She wants to go outside and bury them all.

When I didn’t let her out with them, she “buried” them in the folds of fabric in my studio.