Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 5/22/17

May 22nd, 2017

As you can see, Red is doing much better.  Behaving just like Red usually does.  It’s good to have him back again.  Later today we’ll visit the Mansion. I usually go with Jon and Red on Mondays to visit Connie and all the other people who live there.

We have a busy and unusual week ahead  at the farm.

On Tuesday Jon continues his  Talking to Animals book tour at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY at 6pm.  So come see us if you’re close by.  We’ll be staying overnight and be back early on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, Jon’s daughter Emma will be visiting for the first time with Robin, who is now 8 months old.  It will be a completely new experience having Robin on the farm for a few days. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to the animals on the farm.  I have a feeling she may enjoy the hens.  She’s an outgoing baby  and we’ll be taking her to town and Pizza night at the Round House.   We’ll also visit Ed and Carol Gulley at  Bejosh Farm.

And it’s just a few weeks till the Bedlam Farm Open House. I still have some potholders to make for it and I’d love to have my new wall hanging done by then too.  I’ll be selling my Show Your Soul Posters and postcards along with all the other wonderful art from 8 different artists.  You can see more about the Open House here.

Jon And Ed Gulley, Arm in Arm….A Video

May 21st, 2017

We visited Ed and Carol Gulley at the Bejosh Farm today to see some of Ed’s new work for the Bedlam Farm Open House (I’ll post some pictures of it later).  Jon and Ed linked arms as Ed had something to say about Jon’s new glasses…..

Good Dogs, Do What They Want

May 21st, 2017

Barb’s dog’s on her bed. That’s Chase with his head on my quilt “Surrender”

Barb sent me this photo of her dogs on her bed.  She wrote:

“Today, after the third time I tried to get them off, I looked at Chase with his head on the quilt you made & thought of what you named it. Surrender. Life is too short to keep good dogs from doing what they want. So…. I surrender!”

A lesson from art and our dogs.

Under The Apple Tree

May 21st, 2017


Jon and I have spend a good part of the weekend outside.  When I saw Jon sitting under the apple tree, I knew it would make a good Polaroid.

It’s a little darker than I would have like, but I have little control over such things with the camera.  It has light four settings and they are as quirky as they are accurate.

More than anything I love the way Jon is framed by the branches of the tree and the bench to the right.  I like that they create an intimate space and  the feeling of looking in on a private moment.

Power Out

May 19th, 2017

Friday 7:30 am.  Our Power is out since last night.  Not sure when it will be back on again.  We filled some buckets with water from the Stream so we can at least flush the toilet.  The donkeys were intrigued.

We had big storms here last night and we lost power around 7pm.  Most of the day we didn’t know when it would be back on.

Jon and I couldn’t do our work as usual.  If we had to lose power, it was the perfect day to do it.  It was warm and sunny.  Jon and I spent most of the day outside doing things we didn’t need electricity to do.  We mowed the lawn and skirted wool.

Even though I couldn’t get online with our computers, I could get on Instagram and  fb with my phone.

So throughout the day I posted some pictures and wrote a little bit about them.  Now that the power is back, I’m going to put up the photos and words here on my blog that I posted on instagram and fb.

Friday 9:30 am Since the power is out it’s a good day for skirting wool.  This is Liam’s wool I’m working on now.

Friday 4:30 am  The Power is still out.  Won’t be back on till tomorrow afternoon.  We opened up the back pasture so the animals can drink from the Stream.  Minnie is unaffected by it all.

Friday 7pm  The power came back on a little while ago.  Much earlier than we thought it would.  Now I’m going to have that cup of tea that’s been waiting for me since last night.

Bedlam Farm Open House Potholders

May 18th, 2017

I had fun using some scarps that a few different people sent me to design theses potholders for the Open House.

I think if I make ten more Potholders, I’ll have enough.

Lulu, With Apple Blossoms in her Hair

May 18th, 2017


You can see the apple blossoms on Lulu’s head.

Last year we got hardly any apples.  But this year the trees are full of blossoms.  And they’ve been falling from the trees with the slightest breeze.  This morning I saw that Lulu and Fanny had apple blossom petals on their backs, neck and head.

I think it will be a good year for apples.

Two Photo’s One Bathroom

May 18th, 2017

This morning Jon took a black and white photo of the wind blowing the bathroom curtains.   I found it intimate, personal and universal all at the same time.  And I think as a photo, it’s just gorgeous.

Because Jon takes pictures all the time and because he’s so good at it, he often sees and thinks like one of his camera’s or lenses.

He doesn’t have a Polaroid camera, but from looking at the pictures I’ve taken already with mine he has his own sense of what would make a good Polaroid.   And he often tells me, making suggestions.

Sometimes I’m open to his suggestions and sometimes I reflexively balk at what seems to me, him telling me what to take a picture of.

I now have a pretty good feel for the camera.  I know from experience,  what it can do and what it can’t.

One of the first Polaroids I took was an interior of the bathroom.  But there wasn’t enough light and it came out very dark.  When Jon suggested I take a picture of the same window with the wind blowing the curtain that he just took in Black&White, I didn’t think it would come out.

But he had the idea that the morning light coming in the window would make a difference.

So I tried it.

I love  the idea of us both taking a photo of the same thing  and seeing how different they are.

I think my photo captures the intimacy, but not the drama that Jon’s does.  It doesn’t have that kind of classic  beauty that Jon’s photo had either.

But the wind lifting the curtain brings a certain life to the photo, that my first attempt at an interior of the bathroom didn’t have.

I stood the Polaroid on the rusty baseboard just below the bathroom window to take this picture of it with my iphone.

You can see Jon’s photo of the bathroom curtain here.


Lulu Takes A Dust Bath

May 18th, 2017

Lulu stood over Fanny when she rolled on the ground this morning taking a dust bath.   Maybe  she was waiting for her turn.   When Lulu started rolling, Fanny made her way over to me, nudging me to pay attention to her while I took this video.

Working On My Wall Hanging….

May 17th, 2017

I got a lot done today on my Wall Hanging.  Finished the tree and reworked the black bird. Also gave my goddess a blouse.