“All The Universe Requires”

April 19th, 2017

I trudged through the woods, my feet stumbling over each other.  There was little joy in my step, I was walking because I thought it might do me some good.

Yesterday after leaving the studio my mood started to level off, then go flat.  I had made the elephant on my new wall hanging, a good creative day.  I wondered why I didn’t feel better.  Maybe I was just creatively spent.

I retreated into the lives  of  “Edgar and Lucy”  in the novel by Victor Lodato and fell asleep early.

The lull hasn’t lifted.  I feel like a slow moving straight line just below the surface.  Unable to break though.

So I walk, and I write, maybe I’ll draw.  There was a blip in that straight line for as long as it took me to eat a piece of  home-made cheese cake that a friend dropped off.  But I know if I ate much more, it would only make me feel worse.

Then I thought of something my friend Veronica Halliessey wrote.  I’ve been meaning to share it on my blog, and I thought it might do me good to read it again too.  So here it is…

“I was told that you cannot wait for anyone else to do what is yours to do.  They do not have your particular understanding nor your vision.  The future  will be turned one page at a time and you will find your name on it.  But do not scythe every blade of grass with one fell swoop.  It cannot be done.  You will do those things closest to your heart.  This is all the universe requires.”

You can read the rest of the blog post these words came from  here and  read more of Veronica’s  wisdom in poetry and prose  on her blog From an Upper Floor.

Fate’s Proud Of Her Rawhide

April 19th, 2017

This is becoming a regular thing. Fate must have quite a stash of rawhide hidden around the yard.

For the past week or so, at some point during the day, she knocks (well it’s really more of a scratch) on my studio door to come in. When I open the door, she has a soggy rawhide or bone in her mouth  and drops it at my feet.  I tell her how nice it is, pick it up and look at it then give it back to her.  She parades around with it in her mouth for a while then stands at the door to go out again.

Fate’s proud of her rawhide.

“Show Your Soul” Postcards For Sale

April 18th, 2017

Show Your Soul Poster and Postcards

I made my Show Your Soul Poster  into 4×6 Postcards .

I’ve already gotten messages from people who bought the posters, how they’re framing them and hanging them in their homes.

The postcards do something else.  With them you can easily send that message out into the world.

And not only will it be seen by the person you send it to, but  it also gets to be seen by all the people who will come across it on it’s way to it’s destination.

My Show Your Soul Post Cards are 6 for $10 + $3 shipping.  

To buy my postcards, you can use the paypal button below:

Or you can send a check to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
PO Box 205
Cambridge NY 12816

If you have any questions, just  email me at maria@fullmoonfiberart.com. 



An Elephant On My Wall Hanging

April 18th, 2017

Here’s what I worked on today….

This is what my wall hanging looked like when I left my studio today.  Jon asked me what the meaning is of it and if it had a title.  I couldn’t answer either question, I just don’t know yet.



Thirty Second Sheep Meditation with Liam and Zelda

April 18th, 2017

A Lace Skirt, A Goddess And A Victorian Woman

April 17th, 2017

The Victorian woman came in a bundle of linens.  She was obviously  never embroidered, but she was perfect just the way she is for me.  I stitched the goddess next to her and used marker for the designs behind her.

I think those birds might fly off the linen onto the wall hanging that I’m planning on attaching it to.

On Saturday, Caroline, one of the students in Jon’s writing class gave me a tin of lace and tatting that came from her family.  In it was a bunch of short pieces tied together with a green twist-tie.  Something about the way they looked when they hung down,  gave me the idea to use them to make the goddess’ skirt (which turns into a tree trunk).

That’s as much as I got done today, but I keep seeing and a big elephant’s head taking up the left side of the piece.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow.

A picture of the wall hanging as I was working on the lace skirt.

Making Art At The Mansion

April 17th, 2017

Connie, Brother Pete, Jean and me at the Mansion today.  (That’s Diane in the back ground)

“I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler” Connie said to me.  Then she picked up a pencil and drew a stick figure one a piece of paper. I knew she was being the trouble maker that she is, but when Julie, the activities director, added her version of Red to the drawing, I had something to work with.

I placed the drawing beside my sewing machine and stitched it on my free motion machine, using red thread on an old linen napkin.

It was an idea that Julie and I  came up with for Arts Month at the Mansion.

The Mansion is the assisted living facility that Jon and Red so therapy work at.  I’ve become pretty familiar with many of the people who live there and am friends with Connie, who can usually be found knitting in her room.

So today I brought  my free motion sewing machine to the Activities Room.   As some of the residents made drawings, I stitched them on my sewing machine.

We made ten drawings today and next week I’ll go back and we’ll make them into small pillows.

I’ve become very comfortable at the Mansion and know many of the people who live there by name.  I completely enjoyed being there today.  Working with everyone and just being in their company.  Connie has a dry sense of humor that makes me feel comfortable.

Brother Pete explained in detail his religious drawing, and Jean made a simple heart.  Diane insisted that my version of her drawing was better than her drawing and Madeline couldn’t decide if she wanted to draw hearts or tombstones.

Peggy’s Drawing which she signed and gave to me and Jon.

Peggy made this drawing of a cat eating out of a cat food bag, which  I thought was terrific.

These are my interpretations of Ben’s  drawing of the squares and rectangles on the left.  Connie and Julie’s collaborative piece on the top right and Peggy’s cat on the bottom right.


A Home Full Of Potholders

April 16th, 2017

My potholders in Becca and Mike’s  home

Becca’s been buying my art for years, so I know she has a lot of it.  But when she sent me this photo of all the potholders in her home, I was stunned.  They go back  to when I first started my business.

Becca’s getting married next month and I’ve loved getting to know her  through her emails and her blog Becca’s Event Horizon.   We finally got to meet each other in person when she and her fiance, Mike, visited the farm a few months ago.

Becca’s one of those beautiful people who I wouldn’t have ever gotten to know if I wasn’t making my art and putting it out into the world.  This is the kind of thing that happens when we’re being true to ourselves and showing our soul.

Chloe Giving Pony Rides

April 16th, 2017

Nieces, nephews, neighbors and grandkids.  Treasure told me who all these kids are, getting a pony ride on Chloe, but I can’t remember who is who. They all look pretty happy though.

I do know that Chloe is  doing some of  the work she was born to do.

Selfies, Reclaiming Our Souls?

April 15th, 2017

I hadn’t walked in these woods before. It’s State land, not far from where we live, hundreds of acres of it.  Being there, so far away from the sound of the road, houses and people, made me cry.  I felt connected to the earth in a different way.  Like the earth recognized me as a part of it.

It was the feeling of belonging.

As I leaned my back against a towering, straight pine and looked out into the wilderness then down at my feet planted on the ground, I had the urge to take a picture.

And it made me think of “selfies”.  How this relatively new phenomenon is just a part of life now.

About 10 years ago I had a friend who had pictures of himself all round his house.  He lived alone and the photos were of him by himself, at places he had visited or doing something special.    At the time I thought it unusual.  I had never seen anything quite like it.

But now most people have many pictures of themselves, most of them that they took.  And they send them out into the world everyday.

It made me think of how some cultures believe that in taking a picture of them, they would lose their soul, that it would be  held captive in the photo.

It seems to me, it’s just the opposite now.

That now, we are constantly taking pictures of ourselves not so much to say, “Look at me” (which is how I’ve always thought about it) but to say I am, I exist.  Maybe what we’re really trying to do when we take those selfies, is hold onto our soul.   To reaffirm our existence in the chaos of everyday life.

The more disconnected we feel from ourselves, the more necessary it feels to reclaim ourselves, by sending our images our into the world.  Each picture shouting  “This is me!”