Saving Simon Open House- OnLine Gallery- See What’s For Sale

October 14th, 2014
Saving Simon Signed Notecard by Jon Katz

Saving Simon Signed Notecard by Jon Katz

The Saving Simon Open House was a success in many ways.  We sold more art than ever, but still have some available to have our second Open House On-Line Gallery.   So if you didn’t come to the Open House and you’re interested in seeing and perhaps buying some of the art I was selling in my School House Gallery, come along with me….

First we have  a Saving Simon notecard by Jon Katz.  It’s a single signed 5×7  notecard for $5 + $2 shipping.  You can purchase one or more by clicking on the paypal button below or sending a check to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
PO Box 205
Cambridge NY 12816



Kim McMillan's "Falling Leaves"

Kim McMillan’s “Falling Leaves”

Kim McMillan’s felted purse “Falling Leaves” is $50 + shipping.  It measures  8″x10″ and the design is hand stitched with vintage buttons.  If you’re interested in it just email me at  Kim already has a few custom orders for her purses and is working on website of her own.

Jane McMillen's soft sculpture Pincushions.

Jane McMillen’s soft sculpture Pincushions

All the big acorns are gone, but I’m sure Jane will be making more.  If one of theses pincushions is something you’d like have, you can contact Jane directly on her website Little House Home Arts.

Carol Way Wood

Carol Way Wood

I don’t have photo’s of all of Carol’s work, but I know she has some of her original framed watercolors for sale.  If you’re interested in these or any of Carol’s work, you can visit Carol’s website Lucky Bunny Graphics.

Wrapped Stone 8

Wrapped Stone 8 Sold

Kathleen Nohe’s Wrapped Stones have a beautiful energy that infused the gallery.  One person asked they type of stone one of the necklaces was and it’s healing properties, but I wasn’t sure.  I told her to choose the one she was drawn to not the one she thinks she needs.  I think this is the best way to choose which of Kathleen’s necklaces is the one for you.  I have nine still available.  They are Sold Out.  (But I’ll be sure to let you know when Kathleen has her website up an is selling more)  They are $40 + $5 shipping.  If you see one you like, just email me at    I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

Thanks for coming to the gallery and hope you enjoy looking around.

Wrapped Stone 1

Wrapped Stone 1 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 2

Wrapped Stone 2 Sold

Wrapped Stone 3

Wrapped Stone 3 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 5

Wrapped Stone 4 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 5

Wrapped Stone 5 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 6

Wrapped Stone 6 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 7

Wrapped Stone 7 SOLD

Wrapped Stone 9

Wrapped Stone 9 Sold


The Thin Place Inside Of Me

October 13th, 2014
Lisa, Jennifer and Denise, enthralled, as we all were, with the kitten, now known as Miss Ali

Lisa, Jennifer and Denise, in my studio just before the Open House.  Enthralled, as we all were, with the kitten, now known as Miss Ali.

I had two wall hanging, a bunch of potholders and 8 or 9 scarves for sale at the Open House.  When both wall hanging sold and most of the potholders were gone, I decided up hang a wall hanging that I made a while ago and never put up for sale.  I was sure no one would buy it and told Kim so.  She just laughed at me like she knew something I didn’t.

A few hours later a woman walked up to me and said she wanted to buy the wall hanging.  I imagine I had a strange look on my face, mostly because I didn’t really believe her.  Then she told me that she was buying it for her daughter.  Her daughter had some troubles and was now finding herself again and the piece spoke to her of that. She didn’t go into details, but her eyes got red and watery as she talked.  no more words were necessary.  I felt my own eyes tear up and we stood there together understanding without language, both of us wiping our eyes, unembarrassed by our emotion.

This is what the Open House is about for me.  Making connections. And it’s not always so dramatic.   Often it’s just meeting, for the first time, someone whose comments  I’ve been reading on my blog for years.  Or hearing the voice and seeing the face of the artist whose work I’ve admired on facebook.  Sometimes the connection comes when someone buys a piece of art from one of the other artists in the gallery and it’s one I would have bought for myself.  It’s the deepening friendship between Kim and myself as we work side by side in the gallery.

I’ve found that the more open I am, the more honest my work, the easier it is to connect with people.  And it’s not about being best friends.   It’s about finding that one thin place inside of me that reaches out and finds that same thin place inside of someone else.  And although we may have never seen each other before or  will ever see each other again,  in that place, we know each other.  This is always what I’ve wanted my art to be able to do, now I want to be able to do it as well.


A Sweet Weekend

October 12th, 2014


studio end of dayThe walls and table tops were spare. So much of the art that was in my School House Studio made it’s way out the door, even a kitten found a new home.  It was the end of the day, the end of the Open House weekend.  George Forss wandered in and stuck up a conversation with fellow photographer Russell, from Alabama.  Kim listened, finally getting a chance to sit down for a moment. I loved having these three artists in my studio, infusing it with their creative mojo.  And Jon, just out my window,  doing his last sheep herding demo of the day.

It was a sweet weekend of creativity and connection, people and animals.   Now my thoughts are fading and my eyes are closing.  A quiet and satisfied tired,  has slipped under my skin.  The rest will have to wait till tomorrow.

Saving Simon Open House and The School House Gallery

October 10th, 2014

some of my work at the open house

My School House Studio has once again been transformed into my School House Gallery.  First on the tour is a wall of my work.  A couple of Linen Napkin Notebook pieces and some Saving Simon Potholders along with a variety of patchwork potholders….

carol way wood       carol way wood3

Carol Way Wood is coming by early tomorrow morning to drop off the rest of her work.  Right now I have six of her small  original watercolor’s hanging (above are two of the six)…


On the back wall are Jon’s photos.  Some of Simon and one of the meadow flowers.  This time I’m selling Jon’s new book Saving Simon along with George Forss’s new book, The Way We Were. I also have Mary Kellogg’s books, but Mary won’t be here to read, she’s recovering from Lyme Disease.  She did promise to be back in June and with a new book of poetry….

kathleen noheNext to the books are Kathleen’s Nohe’s Wrapped Stones.  They definitely bring good energy to the gallery….

jane mcmillen

Then we come to Jane McMillen’s wonderful soft sculpture pincushions. (well you already know how I feel about these)…..

kimOn a table in the middle of it all are Kim McMillan’s felted purses.  Last year Kim was in the gallery during the Open House sewing my scarves.  This year she has her own work in the show.  This is what the Open House is all about…..


A window full of my Vintage Hankie Scarves….

kittenAnd an unexpected addition to it all.  While Jon was sheep herding with some of the people from his facebook Creative Group, they heard a meowing coming from the bushes.  Out came this pretty white kitty with a racoon striped tail.  A white cat wouldn’t do to well on the farm, easy prey for coyotes, hawks and owls. So we already found a good home for her.  Good omen for the weekend, I’d say.

Jane McMillen’s Soft Sculpture Pincushions

October 9th, 2014
Pincushions by Jane McMillen

Pincushions by Jane McMillen

I was once again surprised when I opened the box with Jane McMillen’s pincushions.  Right on top was this outrageous cactus and giant acorn!

I know these pieces function as pincushions, but they are really soft sculptures.  You don’t need to be someone who sews to appreciate them or want to own one.

I’ve been working on cleaning up my studio getting it ready to become a gallery for the Open House this weekend, but now all I want to do is look at all of Jane’s latest work and figure out how to best display it.

The art is arriving and it’s getting really exciting.  Okay, back to work.


Self Portrait with Fanny and Lulu

October 9th, 2014

self portrait with fanny and lulu

Minnie and Grey Hen

October 8th, 2014
Minnie and gray hen grooming themselves in the sun.

Minnie and gray hen grooming themselves in the sun.

The white hen has been acting unusual for a week or so.  Which, for a hen means she’s been staying away from the other chickens.  Not eating the leftovers I put out for them and lying around a lot.  So Jon and I weren’t surprised when she died this morning.  But it was surprising that she came out of the coop then walked over to the gate were we were brushing the donkeys and plopped down, unable to get back up.  She had a spasm or two and I placed my hand on her, thinking, well, that I didn’t want her to die alone, and then she died.  We put her in the back woods for the coyotes and speculated about whether or not the gray hen would  notice she was gone, the two of them were always together.

It made me think of when the fox attacked the hens at  Old Bedlam Farm and I nursed our one hen, Fran, back to health (she didn’t live too long after that).    I realized that I would never do that now.  If I had an injured or very sick chicken, I would put it down. (Actually, I wouldn’t put her down, Jon would get the rifle and do the job, and I’d be grateful I didn’t have to do it).

So I’ve either become hard, or have learned, through experience, chickens die easily and often.  And so I leave a big door wide open when it comes to living with chickens. A door that allows for the inevitable.  And of course, I know, death is inevitable with any life, but  with some of the other animals and with people, in my mind, that door is further away, maybe not even visible, and not open as wide.

This afternoon Minnie and the grey hen were sitting near each other, grooming themselves.  If gray hen is missing white hen, I don’t really see it.  But then, she has Minnie to hang around with.


Saving Simon and WAMC

October 7th, 2014


The drawing that I did while waiting in the green room at WAMC, listening to Jon live on the radio.

Autumn Means Book Tour

October 7th, 2014
A box of

The first box of Saving Simon Books to come to the farm.

I can’t remember exactly how many years I’ve been driving Jon around on his book tours.  Seven or eight, I think.  It either began with A Good Dog or Dog Days.  We were barely friend then, just getting to know each other.  I drove Jon to local events and the airport. I bought him special pens to sign the books with, tea at the reading and dinner or lunch before and after readings.  Random House paid me for expenses and mileage and a flat fee for my time.

When he first asked me to drive him around,  I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.  I expected him to change when he was out on the road.  He’d become full of himself,  bossy and demanding, he’d treat me different.  I was afraid the relationship would slip from friends, to employer and driver.  Honestly, I felt there was a very good chance he would turn into a jerk.  I didn’t have much confidence in men back then.

But wasn’t I surprised and didn’t I continue to be surprised when I found that no matter where we were or who we were with, Jon always treated me the same.  Whether we were in a TV studio, waiting for him to be interviewed or he was introducing me to the director of the movie,  A Dog Year, or we were sitting on his porch drinking tea.   So, since that first book tour, when I found out that not all men were jerks at heart, my autumns have meant not just the coming of winter and changing leaves, but Book Tour.  Jon’s book tours mark the season.  During that time, the rest of life fits in around it.

And, it’s always exciting, even this year, when there are so few bookstores to go to.   And although Saving Simon only comes out tomorrow, for me, the book tour has already begun.   It starts when we get that first box of books in the mail from the publisher.  It’s like opening a birthday present, even though I know what’s inside and it’s not for me. There’s something about seeing so many of Jon’s books, stacked side by side.  I know what they feel like before I even touch them.  I pull out one and open it, looking at the first few pages.  Seeing the photos and reading the words for the first time as a book.  Then I reach in and pull out three at a time, the most my hand can hold.  I put them in the cupboard in the living room, playing librarian, or shop keeper, stocking the shelves.  I restack, Second Chance Dog,  last years book now in paperback, to make room for Saving Simon.  They’ll all be gone soon, our own private stash,  Jon will give them away to friends and neighbors.  But for now it feels good to have them there.  Silent and waiting for the book tour to officially begin.

Today we’ll go to the Round House Cafe for a celebration breakfast.  Then to Albany for an interview at WAMC. More interviews over the phone at home,  then to Battenkill Books for the first reading.

Random House doesn’t pay me anymore, they haven’t since we got married. And no more special pens or worries about how Jon will treat me. Just the joy of Jon’s new book entering the world.  Coming alive each time someone opens it up and begins to read. What a miracle a book is really.  A creature let loose into the world, waiting to work its magic and open us up to different worlds and new ideas.

Visiting Day For Minnie

October 6th, 2014

minnie and friedaI shouldn’t be surprised, but I was, when I went outside and saw Minnie and Frieda, as if they were having a conversation across the fence.  Minnie was meowing (as usual she has a lot to say) and Frieda seemed to have her ears perked, listening.  I don’t know what was really going on, but you know what they say about good fences and all.

minnie and hensLater I looked out my studio window and saw Minnie lounging around with the chickens.  Usually she spends her day in the barn on  Florence’s old riding mower or in the ceiling high hay bales.  I thought it was maybe the warm sun that drew her out, but she seemed to be making the rounds.  I guess today was visiting day.