Starting Linda’s Fifth Quilt. Create Something Beautiful.

December 1st, 2016
Linda'a Fifth quilt

The beginning of Linda’s Fifth quilt

It’s a secret language and I’m fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.  I move the fabric around and it  slides into place.  I read it with my body, not my mind. I don’t know what it says, just that it says what I want to say.  I don’t know why, I just know when it’s right.  So many pieces to choose from.  How do I pick the ones that I do?  It only makes sense in terms of me trusting myself and acting on it.

You thought you had it all figured out then one day you go to the dentist and you can’t stop crying. You were made to feel so bad about yourself, you’re sure it’s your fault. Then you put the pieces together and they tell you something different.  It’s all slightly off.  Out of balance.  Off kilter. Out of whack.  It begins to make sense.  And you create something beautiful.

Minnie Being A Barn Cat

November 30th, 2016


Minnie on her throne of hay, in the barn.

Tacking “Dragonfly”

November 30th, 2016


I hang the quilts I make from a beam on my ceiling when I tack them.  (Tacking is my way of quilting.  I use a needle and yarn to tie the two layers of fabric and batting together.  This functions the same as a quilting stitch, although aesthetically it’s very different.)   To reach the top of the quilt I stand on a small stool.

This afternoon, as I was tacking the top of the quilt with maroon yarn, Fate came looking for me.

Linda’s Forth Quilt, “Dragonfly”

November 30th, 2016


This forth quilt for Linda was a challenge.  I think partly because I kept trying to make it less symmetrical than it wanted to be.   But it won out in the end.

It started when I was doing yoga in my studio and I say the dragonfly fabric and the red and yellow fabric art on my shelf.  I immediately saw something special, something different in the way they looked together.

Last week I wrote that I couldn’t remember the origin of the red and yellow fabric art.  Then I got an email from Lynn, who sent them to me, with a link to an exhibit of  textile art made by the Kuna Indians,  who live on tropical islands off Panama.

The fabric art is called molas and are hand sewn reverse appliques.   Thanks to Lynn, you can see photos of more molas  and read  about them here. 

The yellow and purple fabric is actually a hand painted banner that someone sent me.   I think it was the name of a sports team.  I loved the way the purple letters,when cut,  became organic shapes as well as the yellow spaces between them.  They’re the perfect juxtaposition to the all the straight lines and geometric patterns.

I find it interesting how I kept trying to push this quilt in a certain direction and it kept pushing back.  For a week I would go to sleep thinking about it.  In the night I would come up with an idea then try it the next morning.  Sometimes it worked, mostly it didn’t. It was a slow process.

I think it was my being away from it for the four days over the Thanksgiving weekend, that allowed me to let go of what I thought it should be and be able to see what it really  needed to be.

Barbara on left a comment on my facebook page saying it looked tribal to her.  I’d have to agree.  It has a feeling of ceremony about it.

The back of "Dragonfly"

The back of “Dragonfly”


November 29th, 2016


This is a close up of a potholder I made today.  I made five using the insect fabric.

Minnie Has A Lot To Say

November 29th, 2016

Bedlam Farm Tote Bags and Wool For Sale. Come See The Video.

November 29th, 2016

Here’s  a closer look at the Totebags and Wool I have for sale.  If you have any questions, or see something you like,  just email me here at  I take checks and paypal.  Thanks!

Home Tree

Tree Home $48 + $8 shipping Sold

Bird with Tree

Bird with Tree $48 + $8 shipping Sold

Making Magic at Bedlam Farm

Making Magic at Bedlam Farm $48 + $8 shipping Sold

Tree And Donkey

Tree And Donkey Tote Bag $48 + $8 shipping Sold

Deb and Socks' yarn $20 each + $5-$7 shipping.

Deb and Socks’ yarn $20 each + $5 shipping. Sold

Liam At The Feeder

November 28th, 2016
Liam at the feeder

Liam at the feeder

Five days a week,  on my Full Moon Fiber Art facebook page, I post a new picture on the banner.

When I posted the portraits of the sheep two weeks ago, because of your comments, I realized many of you aren’t on facebook.  So from now on, I’ll be posting the picture from my facebook page on my blog also.

This picture of Liam is today’s.

Linda’s Quilts “Morning”

November 28th, 2016


This is the third quilt I made for Linda.  Today I backed and tacked it with  yellow and gray yarn.

I have three quilts all done for the Linda and have designed the forth.  She commissioned me to make five altogether.  I have no idea for the fifth one yet, but I know it will come.

I’m calling this quilt “Morning” because it feels like a sunrise to me. How the sun comes over the farm in the morning.  The bright yellow ball and the pink sky, the eventually blue.  The silhouette of the trees behind the pasture and the earth under my feet.

The back of "Morning"

The back of “Morning”

Monday Afternoon On Bedlam Farm

November 28th, 2016

This time of year we keep the animals in the barn yard.  There’s plenty of room for them, but not much grass left to graze on.

We have three other pastures where we rotational graze them in the spring and summer and fall.  They’re closed off for the winter but sometimes, in the afternoon, I open gate to  the back pasture.  There’s still lots of brush and weedy grass for the animals to eat.  There’s not much nutrition in it, but it gives them something to do.