Bedlam Farm Open House Online Gallery

July 17th, 2014

Welcome to the First Bedlam Farm Open House Gallery.  As you scroll through you’ll see what’s still available from the Open House in June.  Everything is for sale so if you’re interested in anything you see just email me here or at   I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.  Enjoy looking around and thanks for coming.

Freedom Potholders

Freedom Potholders $15 each (only 4 left)

I have a bunch of Freedom Potholders for sale.  They are inspired by my recent trip to Gees Bend Alabama and the time I spent with quilter MaryAnn Pettway.  At Gee’s Bend I learned a new way of making quilts and potholders and you can see it here in my Freedom Potholders.

My Freedom Potholders are $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 or $10 shipping for 3 or more.

Black Hankie Scarf

Black Hankie Scarf  $45 SOLD

I have two Vintage Hankie Scarves for sale.  They are $45 + $7 shipping each.  One is in the original style and the other is the Waterfall style.

Waterfall Scarf

Waterfall Scarf  $45

Flo on the Rocker

“Flo on the Rocker” $150. SOLD

I have four of Jon’s signed  photos for sale. They are all 11×14 images with an archival mat to fit into a 16×20″ frame.  The photo’s were printed specially by photographer George Forss on digital paper.  They are $150 each + $10 shipping.

Timeless Fanny

“Timeless Fanny” $150

"Red at Work"  $150

“Red at Work” $150  SOLD

"Farm in Jackson NY"  $150

“Farm in Jackson NY” $150

I have four Vintage Hankie Potholders for sale.  They are made from torn and worn Vintage Hankies and are $20 + $5 shipping each.

Vintage Hankie Potholders $20 each

Vintage Hankie Potholders $20 each (3 left)

And two potholders made from an old pillow sham given to me by a friend.  They are $15 each + $5 shipping for one or both.

Pillow Sham Potholders

Pillow Sham Potholders

I also have my wall hanging “Blinded by Belief” for sale.  This piece is about how we hold onto our beliefs even if they no longer serve us.  How we can often not see the truth in front of us because of what we’ve been taught by our families, our peers and society or just by what we have come to believe  ourselves  and can’t seem to let go even if they are damaging or no longer relevant to us or others.   Blinded By Belief $150 + $10 shipping.

Blinded by Belief

Blinded by Belief

Well, that’s the end of the Gallery tour.  Don’t forget, if you see something you like you can email me at  Thanks for coming and hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.

First Bedlam Farm Open House Online Gallery

July 17th, 2014
My Studio  as Gallery during the Open House in June

My Studio as Gallery during the Open House in June

The Open House seems like such a long time ago.  But yesterday I finally got my studio mostly back in order, enough so I can get back to work anyway.  But I never got to have my online sale of what’s still available from the Open House.  So later today, I’ll have my first Bedlam Farm Open House Online Gallery.    There are potholders, scarves, a few of Jon’s Photos (which I’ll be selling matted and unframed for easy shipping)  and the other things I’m forgetting.

So if you didn’t get to come to the Open House and might want something from it, come back later today and tour my gallery.

Winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way…..

July 17th, 2014
Karen Heenan's felted Lion

Karen Heenan’s felted Lion

Well, I’m not going to tell you who the winner is of this lovely lion is, you’ll have to click here and  go to Karen’s website Sewing by the Seat of my Pants to find out.  And if you didn’t win but see something you like on Karen’s ETSY shop, if you use the code Thank You, you’ll get 10% off anything you purchase.  (it’s not just lions either).

Next Month it’s my turn to give something away in the Common Thread Give-a-way (hopefully we’ll have no more delays like we did this  month)  Then the schedule goes like this: (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another guest artist or two inbetween)

Aug 4 – Rachel Barlow- Picking My Battles

Sept 1 – Kim Gifford- Pugs and Pics

Oct 6 – Jane McMillen- Little House Home Arts
Nov 3 – Jon Katz- Bedlam Farm

Then me again…..


A New Quilt Started from Scraps

July 16th, 2014
Plastic bag of scraps

Plastic bag of scraps

Started a quilt today.  Emptied a plastic bag filled with scraps from Laura Israel’s every giving collection of fabric.  And, Mary Ann Pettway (Gee’s Bend) style, I just started sewing the pieces together that were the same size. Came up with this:

scrap quilt 2


scrap quilt 3

This is as far as I got for today…

scrap quilt 4



Napkin Notebook 2: Delilah’s Own Recipe

July 15th, 2014
Delilah's Own Recipe

Delilah’s Own Recipe

Remember when Sinead O’Connor shaved her head and it was controversial?  Or when Mia Farrow cut her hair (really short for the time) during the filming of Rosemary’s Baby and they used it in the film which, to me, made the movie even more disturbing. There are many religions where women aren’t allowed to cut their hair or show their hair.  My own mother feels that a certain point in a woman’s life (I’m not sure exactly when it is)  she should no longer have long hair.

There’s something powerful about women’s hair.  So many issues of control seem to surround it. Covering it up, cutting it, putting it up, letting it down.

Today when I was meditating I saw a woman cutting her own hair, holding up the shears in frustration and as solution.  There was an element of magic to it,transformation in the sacrifice.  And an element of control in her decision to do as she pleased with her own body.

This didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted it to.  Her expression is a bit more bleak than I planned, and I’m thinking it might work better without the reflection in the mirror, just a blank mirror.  I may try it again tomorrow and see what happens.

Napkin Notebook 1 “Sleepwalking”

July 14th, 2014


As I was bringing all my fabric and stuff back into my studio from where it’s been in the house since the Open House in June, I came across a whole mess of white napkins.  So I washed them and laid them on top of each other and they looked to me like a big thick sketch pad.

So many blank leaves of napkin, I couldn’t wait to get at it.   I started with the girl, went to the kitchen then saw the books.  Some of it is stitched some of it is marker.  I’m figuring out how to combine the two.  Sleepwalking is the first drawing in my Napkin Notebook.

Common Thread Give-away Karen Heenan Guest Artist

July 14th, 2014
Karen Heenan's felted Lion

Karen Heenan’s felted Lion

I have always had a thing for lions and Karen Heenan’s lion, with his sunflower face,  looks to me  like he just walked out of a children’s book.  Made from recycled sweaters with a fringe of  t-shirt jersey you can win him by entering the Common Thread Give-a-way.

Karen is one of our guest artists, she has a wonderfully creative blog,  Sewing By the Seat of My Pants, where she writes about her latest creations made from recycled materials, her life as a woman trying to make a living doing what she loves and her cats.  She’s a gifted seamstress making dresses from table cloths, mittens from sweaters and potholders from pajama pants.

So if you’d like to try and win Karen’s Lion, just click here and leave a comment on her blog (or just check out her blog and ETSY pages one with all kinds of Vintage stuff for sale)

The winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way will be announced on Thursday.  Good Luck!

Me And Betty Crocker

July 13th, 2014
Yesterday's breakfast

Yesterday’s breakfast: Expressionist Peach Pancakes. (I’ve found that I actually enjoy making pancakes even if this one in particular may make it seem otherwise)

Plates, and glasses, silverware and pans, bowls and pots, all come out of the cabinets.  I cook breakfast.  Then wash the dishes, maybe I put them back in the cabinets.  A few hours later plates, and glasses, silverware and pans, bowls and pots, all come out of the cabinets or dish drain, I make lunch wash the dishes, maybe I put them back in the cabinets.  Then at dinner, plates, and glasses, silverware and pans, bowls and pots, all come out of the cabinets and dish drain,  I  wash the dishes, don’t put them back in the cabinets.   Boring right?  Boring to read, boring to do.  I think of all the women in all the kitchens over the years.  I don’t think of the ones who are happy doing this, who enjoy cooking and taking care of their families,  I think of the ones who don’t and do it anyway.

I think of all the horror housewife stories I’ve read and movies I’ve seen about women stuck in unfulfilled lives they hate, going mad and even killing themselves.   I collected them, Madame Bovary, Wifey, The Awakening, Revolutionary Road, kept them on my bookshelf to remind me of what I didn’t want.

But somehow, (maybe because I never thought about what I did want)  even though I didn’t go the traditional route of the house in the suburbs with kids, for a good part of my existence I still found myself trapped in an unfulfilled life, going mad like all those women in all those novels.  It was when Jon gave me the use of one of his barns as a studio and began encouraging me to make my art that I started to claw my way out.

And I’m not complaining, ( or don’t mean to be) and I am so grateful to have Jon back home healing and getting better and better everyday.  And I know it could be so much worse, that so many people have it so much harder that I do.  And there have been many surprisingly wonderful things to come out of Jon’s Open Heart Surgery.  But if I’m going to be honest, (an apparently I am) this past week or so of taking care of Jon at home I can see that, as a caretaker,  I’m easily frustrated, not very patient and often irritable.  And Jon is not the kind of man who wants to be waited on or taken care of,  (one of the patients wives in the hospital told me how her husband didn’t want to ring for the nurses because he didn’t want to bother them, but was happy to have her do everything for him or have her call the nurse) he wants his independence back as quickly as possible and is getting it.  But I thought this morning, that if I did have to do this long term, that I might become like one of those women in one of those novels again.

I remember seeing an After School Special (remember them) on TV when I was a teenager.  It was about an unwed mother trying to finish high school and take care of her new born baby.  At one point the baby is crying and the girl picks it up and shakes it to make it stop.  Soon after that she gives the baby up for adoption.  It’s the only scene from the movie I remember, but I do know I thought that it’s exactly how I would feel if I had a baby.  And I know this is one of the reasons I never had children.  Because I did not see myself as someone who could be there so totally for another person.

So I don’t know if it’s just who I am, or if it’s because I gave so much of my life away before meeting Jon, that no matter how much I love Jon and want to take care of him and want him to be healthy and  happy, I’m not willing to give up my life to do it.  And I know he wouldn’t ever want me to.   But still it seems so selfish to me to feel this way.  And not something I wanted to admit to myself or anyone else.  But it is the truth.

And now, after finally acknowledging it, saying it out loud to Jon and writing about it,  I realize that it doesn’t have to be one or the other.  That part of loving someone else is being able to love myself just as much.  And loving someone else doesn’t mean giving up my life for them whether it’s a child or a spouse whether they’re healthy or not.  And that selfish feeling,  well I guess it’s going to come and go for a while, but I think ultimately, it won’t win out over the truth.  And the truth is that I’m not willing to give away my life like I have in the past.  And I’m not going to swallow arsenic or drown myself in the ocean because, unlike those women in those novels, I have choices and at this point in my life I know what I want as much as what I don’t want.



Leave it

July 11th, 2014

new pieceI could only find one bobbin but had all my thread.  Got my iron and sewing machine a piece of fabric and batting.  That’s all I really needed this afternoon after pushing my desk back under the lights.  This is the first step (or so) of something new.  I had to stop myself from doing more on it.  I was going to write the words “Leave it” (you can see the gray upside down  “L” right and center) but the thread kept jamming in the needle.  After many tries, (I just don’t get it sometimes)  I did leave it just as it was.

Morning Walk

July 11th, 2014


Now our days start with a morning walk.  Today it was through Cambridge.  I’ve been reading “Z” a book about Zelda Fitzgerald by Theresa Anne Fowler and was inspired to buy Jon a pair of linen pants.  I think they’re a hit.