Red Will Not Be Deterred By Gus

August 28th, 2017

Gus keeps trying to play with Red while he’s working.  Red’s really good at ignoring Gus till he gives up.

Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 8/28/17

August 28th, 2017

Jon and George, Two Photographers

August 27th, 2017

Jon and George Forss

I love watching Jon and George Forss when they’re talking photography.

George is not always easy to connect with.  His mind is unique and unusual and he’ll sometimes go off on tangents about the mechanics of photography  or the nature of the universe that most people (including me) find hard to follow.

Jon and George approach photography from very different ways but  when they’re talking about it the connection between them is palpable.

I always want to try and capture it.

Find Out What’s Happening At the Bedlam Farm Open House October 7th and 8th

August 27th, 2017

Gus and Lulu

I’m not promising a  puppy and donkey show, but I spent the afternoon updating my Events page with news of what’s happening at the next Bedlam Farm Open House.

You can read about the  events taking place and the artists who will be exhibiting their work  in my School House Gallery.  Also find places to stay and eat and things to do in our sweet Upstate New York town of Cambridge.

So click here and see it all…


Blue Heron Comes To Bedlam Farm

August 27th, 2017

The Blue Heron’s been hanging around our pond for a while now.  I’m sure there’s lots of good fish and frogs to eat in the shallow waters.  This morning I watched her (or him) fly off when the sheep ran into the back pasture.  But this afternoon the Heron stuck around a little longer.  I imagine she (or he) is getting used to us.

Jon took a beautiful photo of the Heron while I was taking this video, if you listen closely, you can hear the clicking of his camera.

The photo taken with Jon’s new Daguerrotype lens looks like a painting to me.  It’s soft and magical, filled with emotion.  You can read Jon’s thoughts about it here.

Jon is going to have, photographer,  George Forss make a limited edition  print of his photo and I’ll be selling it at the Open House and here on my blog.

We still have to work out the pricing, but if you think you might be interested in signed limited edition print of the Blue Heron, you can email me here at [email protected]

“The Blue Heron” By Jon Katz

Love Quilt

August 25th, 2017

I’m calling this my Love Quilt.

It all started when I was rummaging through a box in my studio and found the velvet heart with the hand stitched embroidery around it.  Lisa, from The Round House Cafe, gave it to me along with a cache of other fabric.

I’ve had the heart about a year, but it didn’t speak to me until last week, when I stared making the quilt.

The quilt came together pretty quickly, (I think it wanted to be made)  and I sold it just as quickly.

Here’s the back….

Fate and Gus’ Hosta Playground

August 25th, 2017

The Hostas I transplanted in the back yard alongside the house and in front of my studio were doing really well this year.  I figured out that I had to surround them with rocks so the dogs wouldn’t dig in between them.   And it was working.

Until we got Gus.

At first, it was cute the way Gus would hide under the big hosta leaves, sometimes falling asleep in his own little hosta world.

But then,  Fate and Gus started playing in the hostas.  I’ve seen Gus running around with a big hosta leaf in his mouth as Fate chases him.

I understand the hostas are cool and soft to lay on and under, but I never imagined them as a playground.

Some Hostas have survived.  But I’ve given up on trying to protect the ones that have become the favorites of  Fate and Gus.

The good thing about hostas is their resilience.  I know they’ll be back next year, no matter what Fate and Gus do to them this year.  And maybe next year they’ll forget how much fun it is to destroy a hosta and they’ll move onto something else.

A Visit from Uta and Herman

August 24th, 2017

Uta and Herman giving the donkeys and the gray hen an apple.

Every once in a while, I get an email from Uta.

We’re going to be in the area, she writes,  I’m still cleaning out my sewing room and I have more stuff for you if you want it. 

Sometimes Uta and her husband Herman just leave the boxes of fabric and thread and trims on the back porch.  Other times, like today, we get to visit a little.

Uta is always very conscious of not intruding or taking up too much of my time.  But this morning we planned to meet and she came with a bag of small, sweet, yellow apples from her tree for the donkeys.  She also brought a book for our Little Free Library and took one.

Uta, like me, is reluctant to throw anything away, so she has years of sewing materials that she is slowing giving away.  It’s been good for me and my work that she’s  given up sewing and taken up gardening.  And it’s always  a pleasure to see Uta and Herman, two kind and generous people.

Mike, Meadow and “Safe in the Woods”

August 24th, 2017

Mike, Meadow and “Safe In the Woods”

That’s Mike with the beautiful smile, holding up the quilt I made “Safe In The Woods”.  And that’s Meadow, his sweet dog laying next to him.

I think the quilt looks like a lush, summer forest. It’s great to see it this way, just where it belongs.

Looks Like A Pumpkin…

August 24th, 2017

The pumpkins in our barn yard

Last night I dreamed the we had giant pumpkins growing in our barnyard.  They were all standing on end,  all the same size, as big as me (5’2″), in a group like a six-pack of beer.

The mystery plant, growing wild in our barn yard turned out to be pumpkins after all.  They are, strangely, all about the same size and shape.

They might still be some kind of hybrid and not very tasty.   But it doesn’t really matter to me.  I wasn’t planning on eating them anyway.

We’ll used them as decorations or give them away.   And a few will go back to the donkeys and sheep.  So they can “replant” some of the seeds and maybe grow some more next year.