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I spent the day setting up my ETSY site. It usually takes about 24 hours to become active.    I had many troubles  and sent many messages to ETSY  and consulted with many people.  It was finally with the help of Jon and Melissa (from the Troy bookmakers) that I was able to figure out how to register my new business. It was really very simple once I got some help, but until then, I was almost ready to give up.

I posted my potholders today and will post more for sale tomorrow and the next day.  I’m pretty beat at this point, not used to  working on the computer all day.  But I’m glad to have it up.  I was dreading trying to figure it out and would rather have been finishing a quilt or making a handbag.  While I was in the middle of it,  it seemed so difficult, but each time I figure something out (or someone helps me  figure it out) I get a bit better at understanding the world of computers.  It’s still all pretty new to me and it’s always a struggle between making the work and running the business.  I do understand that the smoother the business runs, the more time I’ll have to spend making the quilts and handbags etc.  Sometimes I think if I didn’t keep the two so separate in my mind it would seem less like balancing and more organic, but I’m not there yet.  Maybe when the business end of it becomes easier, more familiar, less intimidating there will be more of a flow between them.    It’s not a straight line, but it does get easier all the time.

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  1. Hang in there Maria! You accomplished alot today, You seem to have the patience of Jobe. I couldn’t tolerate all the computer time and the frustration. What a positive spin you’ve put on this!
    Kiss sweet Frieda, your soulmate. Enjoy the others too!
    Cindy Chambers

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