Creative Union July 24th at Redux

Just heard from Christine at Redux Gallery in Dorset VT (she shows Jon’s Photos and sells his note cards and my potholders) that Jon and I will have an Exhibit there on July 24th. Nothing will cost more than $15.00. I’ll be making a some new potholders which will be displayed in groups and work as a whole but will be sold separately. Jon’s note cards will also be displayed and for sale.

I’ve been thinking for some time about doing a large potholder piece. The potholders would create a grid (maybe 6′ x 9′) they would work as a unified piece like a fabric mosaic or potholder quilt, but each potholder would be sold separately and as people wanted to buy them. It would be constantly changing as the potholders were purchased and creating blank spaces where they used to be . I’d do smaller pieces at Redux because of space, maybe 3′ x 3′ like a tick tac toe board.

5 thoughts on “Creative Union July 24th at Redux

  1. What a lovely image of these potholders. The mosiac idea is very interesting. You are really something,girl. I hope my man and I can come to the show in July. When he gets back in a few days I’ll get right on him!
    So nice that Frieda and Pearl could work things out sucessfully. You must be so proud of Frieda.
    My “Maverick” is loving our new little house in the woods. Across the way is a pasture. Two horses, one cow and a goat share it. What serenity here. “Maverick” is so much more relaxed, almost no unnecessary barking. Wow, he really is my mirror.
    Best to you,My brother was here for several days. He brought the work/book bag you made to show me. So awesome! Cindy Chambers

  2. Love your potholders….Did you ever consider putting a metallic type “backing” on them ….saw some once with that as a “heat deterrant” and then front was beautifully quilted yet…
    Might be a bit more costly but you could charge more…as they could be used as a deflective hot paid.
    Best to you and Jon. Love following his books/life.
    Thanks, Karen C.

    1. Hi Karen, I have thought of it, but the idea of putting it on the back of the potholders kinda makes me cringe. I use two types of batting in my potholders, insulated and cotton so they do resist heat. Maria

  3. You have 2 fabrics in that picture that I remember from when I was a child. My mother had made me a stuffed cat–the kind where the picture of the cat was printed on the fabric and you sew the 2 sides together–and the clothes the cat wore (I think I still have it somewhere!!)were that red material with the cats printed on it and also the blue with the red flower shapes. I think it had all come together as a kit (40ish years ago!!) It was fun to see that material again!! I’ll have to dig out the cat!

    1. Yes! that’s it. It was given to me and it’s great stuff I have a couple of cats left and was planning on using them for Potholders for the Creative Union Show At the Redux Gallery on July 24th. I love such connections! Thanks for writing.

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