more bags

I’ve figured out that I can comfortably make 2 bags a week and have one day for potholders a day for quilts and an extra day for business and to catch up and experiment with something new. Planning this way has been helpful to keep me focused and less anxious.

Still working on getting the gallery updated and ETSY and facebook on the site. And making new business cards and labels with care instructions.

I feel more attached to this site that my old one and once it’s all done, it will be easier for me and other people to use.

Today’s my day off and I’m on my way out to the vegetable garden digging weeds and preparing it for planting after Memorial Day.

3 thoughts on “more bags

  1. Would you consider looking at a small tote bag that I have & love but which is wearing out? I’d be happy to send it to you with a return (stamped) envelope if you would consider making something like it to sell (to me & maybe others). It’s just big enough for a book, bottle of water, has 2 little pockets inside (I use them for for car keys & cell phone). A friend gave it to me for a thank you gift & it is one of things that has proved just invaluable. I know you have your wedding soon so if you agree for me to send it, it can be anytime later in the summer or even fall. I’m going to mend the corners & handle where it has worn so much but I know the days are numbered. I don’t have that gift for “finished” sewing work or I’d try it myself. I’d be happy to pay you to make one. Best wishes & best of luck to you on your wedding & marriage to Jon. I’ve been a devoted reader of his for many years. I wish you every happiness together.

  2. Hi
    love your work. Where are you located? I am in Sullivan County Monticello, ny. How do I get to see prices of your items? Love your little bags!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Diane, I have some items listed on ETSY and am working on getting the rest of my stuff up there. The potholders are $9 each and the bags start at $45.00 my quilts are generally between $200 -$300 if you have something specific in mind, just let me know you can email me at [email protected]

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