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I updated my Gallery page today, so check it out. I still have more to post, but have added most of my quilts. I made some mistakes and deleted the whole gallery page, but with some help, I found it in the trash and it’s back where it should be. I still have to post my quilts for sale on ETSY. Most of the quilts on my gallery page are already sold. Above are just a few of the quilts on the Gallery page.

Going to New York tomorrow and will return on Friday. I’m going to visit the Whitney Museum which has it’s Biennial. I haven’t been there in many years. The first time I went I was in High School and there was an Edward Hopper exhibit. I remember being surprised at being able to see the brush strokes in his paintings. I had only seen reproductions in books, and they always looked so slick. I was actually disappointed at how rough they were, that was obviously before I was into texture. Now I love looking at each individual brushstroke in paintings and marvel at how they create forms. Seeing the brush strokes is like looking back in time and seeing what the artist did when he or she placed the mark on the ground and decided to leave it there.

4 thoughts on “Gallery update

  1. Have a wonderful time Maria! You deserve it! The girls(Frieda, Lulu and Fanny) will eagerly await your return.

  2. I wanted to mention, Maria that your quilts are starting to remind me very much (in these photos) of the abstract impressionist artist Mark Rothgo who was one of my favorites when I was growing up in the 1970s. I always love his work, and went to galleries in the DC area, and beyond just to view them.

    1. Wow! what a lovely compliment. I love Rothko’s work. I often think oh his paintings when I’m designing quilts, Thank you

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