Blue Bark Bag

Latest Blue Woof Bag is actually a Blue Bark Bag. This one is made from a dress, denim shirt, a velore shirt and a piece of fabric which was in a box of scraps that someone gave me. The blue plastic button mimics the swirls on the that fabric.

My facebook page went up yesterday.  I’m still figuring out how to use it and it isn’t yet at the point where I can interact with it so my bog will show up there until I get it going.  Like every other step in this process, I find I procrastinate.

6 thoughts on “Blue Bark Bag

  1. Hello Maria – Love the bag. Would like to order one or two… how do I go about placing an order? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Mary

  2. Another nice bag. Now that I have retired I will have some time to let you inspire my sewing projects. EBW

  3. The button is perfect! I love this bag. Glad to have you on Facebook Maria. It takes time to integrate all this technology I find. Be patient! Procrastination is one of my vices too. It’s ok. It just makes us who we are. I wonder, did you get my e-mail about the eye glass cases? I may have screwed it up and not actually sent it. I’m no techno wizard either. I know your life is very full right now,(with happiness it seems) So if your procrastinating about answering all your e-mail….I get it! Thanks, Cindy Chambers PS: Kiss lovely Frieda today. She’s the best.

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