Studio Hive

I got a great email the other day from someone saying that she thought of the studio barn as “a beehive, humming with quiet, purposeful activity and creation” I immediately went to my black board wall and drew the studio hive. Of course the studio has that classic beehive shape, but it was also so meaningful because the past few weeks those giant bees that bore holes in wood have been scoping out the studio as a potential home. They have since left ,but for a while, I would see them constantly outside my window as I worked and I did feel like I was working inside a beehive.

I have a friend who keeps honeybees and she sometimes tells me the story of their existence which is fascinating. The words she uses to describe the process make me think of a children’s book. The queen bee makes a Nuptial Flight a mile into the air to mate. There is Royal Honey made for the Queen. And the worker bees will kill an intruder , like a mouse or spider ,and seal it in the hive with wax.

The hive is a rich, dark and magical place.

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