Goddess Quilt

I’m mailing the Goddess Quilt out tomorrow, I”m pretty happy with the way it came out. For tacking,I used a thick black yarn and tied a knot in it which looks like poker dots and along with the black “shadows” gives the quilt dimension. I’ve learned something with the black dots and am looking forward to using them again.

Some details:

Mother came to visit again, but only for a fleeting moment.

5 thoughts on “Goddess Quilt

  1. It seems Mother is always on the go!

    The black dots are nifty! Such a nice quilt, Maria! Another labor of love to be passed down a few generations! Have a happy Spring, Maria!

  2. Maria,
    I do love your quilts and potholders and bags too! I am a quilter too, but not Art like yours are. I do very traditional patterns and have tea dyed some to make them look old. I have also made potholders when I fell in love with the bali (batik) quilt prints that appeared a few years back. Also, do know and love the Gee Bend quilts. I think you have a real eye. And just for the record I thought the yes/no dress was awesome.
    I have to admit I was a huge fan of Jon’s books and addicted to his blog before finding your stuff, funny I am writing to you first before him.
    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and wish you all the best.
    By the by, I think they are “polka” dots not “poker” dots. I can’t help it I’m a librarian.

  3. Another great piece of art!
    There is a strength and beauty in this quilt that is not only beautiful but playful.
    Thank you for sharing with us out here the magic of your creations.

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