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Sometime last year I realized I needed another desk in my studio. I had one, but instinctively knew I needed one to my left, so I could lay the fabric out on it and easily turn to my sewing machine on the right. So I went into the carriage barn an had a look around. That’s were we store stuff that we no longer use, but just haven’t gotten rid of yet. And that’s where I found the dark oak desk piled high with other boxes and junk. I took out the drawers and notice that a section in the middle of the desk dropped down to put a typewriter on. I walked, dragged and rolled it end over end into the studio and set it up the way I had envisioned it. It was perfect. When Jon saw it he said it was his desk the one he wrote “A Dog Year” on. Good omen, I thought.

It wasn’t until I started making handbags, that I realized that, unlike my quilts and potholders, the bags needed to be “square” to work. That’s when I discovered the use for groves on the desk made by the drop down section of the desk. It was like I had a built in T-square on the desk. And it was more than just guide lines, I use the groves to guide the scissor when cutting to make a straight line.

It’s not what it was intended for, but that typewriter desk is just what I needed.

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  1. I agree. The desk is a good omen. Your handiwork is wonderful. I teach language arts in middle school and just this year started teaching art because the real art teacher left (private school). Anyway I am finding that I love to try things out and explore new things now. I am inspired by art in all forms. What to try next?

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