blessing the studio

I’m going back to work in the studio on Monday to catch up on sparkybag, potholder and cellcase orders. I found that I couldn’t work the week before the wedding and chose not to work the week after. But on Monday (Sundays I work all day at my part-time job at the WWARC) I’ll start my day by blessing my studio. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do yet, but I know I’ll open all the windows and doors to air it out. Maybe vacuum, set up a new alter, light a candle, read a poem, or flap my wings opening myself up to whatever may come.

2 thoughts on “blessing the studio

  1. I love the idea of blessing your studio, especially after a prolonged absence. I used to “smudge” my Montreal studio with sage from time to time…..I got out of the habit when I moved here and you’ve reminded me how important it is to respect the place where you create. An artist’s studio is a sacred.
    – SerenaK

    1. Hey Serena, I burned sage in my studio a few times when I first got it. One time I burned too much and I could barely breath. I have some from last years garden, maybe I burn just a bit tomorrow.

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