The Iron and the Minister

My first day back in the studio after coming home from my honeymoon (must be the June full moon) my iron died. I bought that iron years ago for $10 in Kmart. It lasted longer than I expected. About a year ago a spider drowned in it and I watched it’s body floating in the water inside the iron and was never able to figure out how to get it out. One day it was just gone.

It’s as if the death of the old iron marked the end of an era. A new life for me in a new marriage, marked by the death of an iron? Not very romantic, but practical.

Luckily I had another iron waiting under my desk for just such a day. I got the new iron about 6 months ago when I bought some fabric that had been cleaned out of the house of a quilter who had recently died. Her sewing machine and iron were also for sale . I bought the iron, again for $10, a much better buy , a serious iron. I’m so glad I did.

The interesting thing is that the person who cleaned out the quilters house was the husband of the Minister who married Jon and me. I didn’t know Mary (the minister) and met her for the first time when I went to her house to buy the fabric.

What does it all mean? I guess it’s about beginnings and endings. Letting go and moving on. Upgrading the iron.

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  1. Maria,
    I love this picture of your view of Bedlam Farm from your work table through the lace curtain.
    Hope you have a happy July 4th weekend.

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