Sophie and Iris

Yesterday Jon came home from Saratoga with a fish tank, filter and 2 fish. He said he thought I would like the company in my studio. We set up the tank and I brought in some rocks and shells from my collection of rocks and shells, washed them off and set up a little home for them.

When I came back from collecting rocks I saw that one of the fish was stuck in the filter. Half of her was sucked up into the plastic tube. I pulled her out and she swam to the other side of the tank. When I saw her stuck I thought ” Oh, no! Sophie is stuck in the filter” I had no idea her name was Sophie until that moment.

We realized that a part of the filter was missing, a longer thiner part of the plastic tube. As a quick fix we placed the net over the tube so she couldn’t get sucked into it.

When I came back to the studio from lunch, there was Sophie again, this time she was stuck by her side to the bottom of the tube, the net preventing her from being sucked into it. I pulled her off and again she swam away. At this point I decided to turn the filter off when I wasn’t in the studio until we got a new filter. I thought of putting up some yellow caution tape, but I have a feeling Sophie isn’t that sophisticated.

The other fish, Iris, (how I chose her name is to personal a story to post) doesn’t seem to have a problem with the filter. She’s orange with black spots and looks pretty serious, but I have a feeling she has a great sense of humor.

6 thoughts on “Sophie and Iris

  1. Fish! What a great & unexpected addition to Bedlam Farm! Years ago when I lived in Boston, I had some tropical fish. People don’t realize fish really do have individual personalites. A yellow tang in particular would move to whatever side of the tank I happened to be sitting. And the “bully” of the tank knew when he had finally pushed me to the edge & would hide out for a while. I love the underwater tunnel created with the shells & piece of slate! I wonder what Mother will think!

    1. I’m having lots of fun with the rocks and shells, I plan on moving them around, rearranging the furniture every so often to keep it interesting for the girls (and me.)

  2. I love it. 🙂 Very relaxing to watch and sometime, I find you tend to daydream more when staring
    at a fish tank. The adventures of Sophie and Iris, welcome to the studio were ideas are always born. I wonder what Mother with think if she see them? Good luck and enjoy them.

    1. I wonder about mother too! I know I won’t leave her alone with them. I tried to get Freida interested, but she doesn’t seem to care.

  3. Re: Classy Classroom Goldfish
    My daughter brought one home at the conclusion of 8th grade in June 2002. We still have “Rory” but he is no longer teeny tiny. While off at college, my daughter bought another goldfish. Of course, “One” resides with us and is now about 3 years old. Aside from ongoing issues with the pump, we love our fish!! Enjoy your summer with your new fish, Maria!!

  4. For me fish have been in the past like my plants in the present-DEAD!!! No matter how I care for either of them their common fate is the same–from living to dead-as-a-door nail. Oh well, I did my best and pray the best for you. I wish for you both plants and fish lively and healthy. Happy counterparts in your happy new life together!!!

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