Creative Union, July 24th 1-4 pm

Christine from Redux Art & Antiques has already begun to hang some of the posters for the Creative Union Show at her gallery. Jon also passed a few out to some local businesses. I’m kinda shy about asking people to hang the posters, and since Jon is so good at it… I’ll probably let him do most of the work. I’ll do the driving.

I’ve begun working on the potholders for the show. Most will be limited addition potholders. See a preview of the unfinished “Horseman Potholders” on my Events and Appearances page. There are only 4 of the Horsemen Potholders, they are made from a small piece of Vintage 1970’s Colonial Revival fabric.

I’ll also have some cat and dog potholders and some non-animal potholders, using unique vintage fabrics. I’ll be posting them as I make them on my Events and Appearances page, so check it out and join us on July 24th in Dorset Vermont at the Redux Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Creative Union, July 24th 1-4 pm

  1. I can’t wait! I totally understand about the shyness thing. Jon doing the “pr” with you behind the scenes is great. Exactly what happens here in my relationship with my man. It’s great to compliment ea other. Friendship and teamwork.That’s what it’s all about.
    Kiss that beautiful , amazing Frieda!
    Cindy Chambers

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