Making a kindle bag

step 1:  I looked up the dimensions of a Kindle (8″x5″x1/3″) and made a cardboard mock-up.  Used an old curtain for the pattern.

step 2:  Sewed the bag together and sewed a strap on the sides adding the flap on last.  Put the cardboard kindle in the bag to make sure it fit. Designed the  real kindle bag. (in the upper right  corner of the photo.)

Step 3:  Sewed the real kindle bag together using the dimensions of the pattern.

Step 4:  Realized the real kindle bag was much too small and it would be impossible to sew the strap on because with the batting the seams are too bulky to stitch onto.

Step 5:  Removed stitches and tried to figure out a way to make the bag work.  Decided it couldn’t and that I would cut it down into a glasses case.

Step 6:  Sat at my desk sweating and staring at the bag in a heat induced stupor.

Step 7: Admitted to myself I would just have to start over knowing more that  I did a few hours ago.

Step 8:  Stared a bit more, tried to get myself motivated and realized I needed a break.

Step 9: Left the studio with every intention of going back, walked around like a sweating zombie and accepted that tomorrow is another day.

10 thoughts on “Making a kindle bag

  1. Hi Maria, OMG, you are too funny! I love this entry! Best to you and the pack, Cindy Chambers

  2. I am enjoying your blogs. Thank you for letting us in on a little of your life. I wonder how Jon disposed of Sophie with no flushing involved. Did he divulge his method or did you not want to know?

    Dawn Dean

    P.S. You will get the kindle bag figured out. From the time stated on your post, it was late and it has been so hot out east (I am in Iowa) that no one is probably using their brains for anything other than trying to stay cool. Hope the weather breaks for you soon.

  3. Maria,
    Sounds like so many of my sewing adventures. I like to make my own patterns, but it is a learning process, and the reason I invest in muslin. Did my daughter’s wedding dress, and there were many “staring” moments for me. 😉

  4. She is know to make people hot and sweaty. This is very funny. Now, I have to contend with the fact she’s a good writer. Jeez. Next thing she’ll be writing dog stories.

  5. Maria, you know, the bags don’t always need a strap, my daughter has a great lap top case, made from burlap type fabric, she usually has it in her back pack…anyway, love to look at your work, Thanks!

  6. Re: “Gasbags” reply: you actually have already written some sweet animal stories in your blog. Tales of Mother and Frieda !
    Cindy Chambers

  7. I sure hope you get an AC for the studio barn. That can’t be any fun working on stuff with those working conditions.

  8. I did the same thing…. only my kindle pouch became the best pencil case my 4yr old niece ever had!! It’s 1/2 inch too narrow!

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