Quilt Raffle at Creative Union

I would say we came up with the idea together, but I do have to admit it was Jon who specifically suggested the raffle be at the Creative Union Show.

I’ve been contemplating having a quilt sale for some time and this morning I declare to Jon that I was going to have a “Letting Go” Quilt Sale. I have a few quilts that have been around too long and a couple that I’m still not sure I want to part with, but I also believe in letting go. It’s been a theme in my life lately and it seems I work everyday at trying to let go of something, (usually some obsessive self-denigrating thought.) But I also believe that there are times that the “old” needs to go for there to be room for the new. I think creative energy gets stuck (just like the energy in our bodies) and needs to be released, sometimes by selling things , giving things away or just throwing them out.

So I thought of raffling off one of my quilts and donating the proceeds. And when Jon suggested doing it at the Creative Union Show it seemed a perfect fit. This way everyone can see the origins of the potholders, I move a quilt and a worthy organization benefits.

Now I know that Jon beat me by posting the idea on his blog before me, but since his post, I got the okay from Christine at Redux. So it’s official, ( and I posted it first) I will raffle one of my quilt (still to be determined) at the Creative Union Show on July 24th 1-4pm in Dorset Vermont. Details to come.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Raffle at Creative Union

  1. Your raffle plan sounds terrific. My daughter’s book bag came yesterday. I am “over the moon” with your choice of fabrics. As always your sewing skills are top notch and the design is spot on! Happy trails this week, Maria. Hope you squeeze in some fun and scratch those donks for me!

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