Quilt Raffle at the Creative Union Show

On July 24th at the Creative Union Show at Redux in Vermont I’ll be raffling off my quilt “Red and Purple”. It’s 51 1/2 x 55 1/2 and the colors were inspired by the reds and purples sometimes seen in traditional Amish Quilts.

Each ticket will be $5 and the winner will be picked at 3:30 pm at Redux. You can get a ticket the day of the show between 1 and 3:30 or, if you can’t make it to the show and would like to buy a ticket or two you can contact me at [email protected].

The money raised from the quilt will be donated to benefit the victims of a recent fire in Fort Edward NY.

back view of ‘”Red and Purple”

4 thoughts on “Quilt Raffle at the Creative Union Show

  1. Hi Maria, This is a lovely quilt. The colors are striking.What a kind gesture to donate your proceedings as such. How exciting it would be to have that in my little home! The best to you and lovely Frieda.
    Cindy Chambers

  2. Just read about this on Jon’s blog. What a beautiful way to support a cause. We’d like to take a few chances on the drawing; how do we get payment to you?

    (We met, briefly, at Jon and Emma’s reading in Glens Falls back in late March. I love reading about the life you, and the animals, have made.)

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