Creative Union Day

It was a great day at the Creative Union show. So many wonderful people showed up form all over. Some of them I had only had contact with through my website and got to meet for the first time in person. Some were old friends and some were people I didn’t even know were out there. Jon signed tons of notecards and gave two talks about art and the market place and the integrity of the artist. Izzy was his usual professional self. He greeted people and posed for photos. Christine Nemec ,the gallery owner, along with everything else she did, had a colorful cake for Jon and me and the Creative Union celebration. I sold most of my potholders and signed a few too.

The Quilt Raffle was also a success. Because of all the generous donations we raised $500.00 for the the Cox and Smith Family. They are a Fort Edward NY family who were recently the victims of a house fire in which 6 children died. It’s one of those tragedies that pull the community together and it did just that today. So thank you everyone who participated.

The winner of the quilt is Susan Smith of Barneveld NY. Congrats Susan!

6 thoughts on “Creative Union Day

  1. Hi Maria,
    Your quilt is hanging on my bench. I have its twin in my living room. So glad the Redux show was a success for you, Jon and Izzy! Enjoy your week! :))

  2. Attending your event on Saturday was awesome! So glad it was a success for you & Jon. I couldn’t believe you got a picture of me with Jon. Thanks so much! See you again soon. :)

  3. Maria: It was wonderful meeting you and Jon in person (I feel as though I already know both of you from Jon’s blog). Thank you for initialing my potholders (the ones you made to match my kitchen last winter.) I wish both of you all the happiness you deserve in this second marriage of yours. Can’t wait to see you again at a future event! ~Robin

  4. Maria: The raffle quilt arrived on 7/28. It’s even more beautiful than I remembered it from the Creative Union show. Its arrival cheered me up considerably. Earlier in the week, I had a medical emergency and that’s when I received the voicemail from you and learned I had won the quilt. It turned a not-so-hot day into a very sweet one. The quilt is a welcome addition. I’m also pleased to have contributed to the fundraiser to help the family in Ft. Edward. Great to see you and Jon and to meet Izzy “in person”…

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