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I know the full moon was on Monday, but I just don’t want to wait for the next one. I guess it’s really a Waning Moon Quilt Sale, which makes sense too. So I’m starting something new with my business and my art and it’s time to move some of the my quilts to make space for new ones. Some of these I’ll have a hard time letting go of (humm maybe it’s a “Letting Go Quilt Sale”) but the original intent of my work is to connect with people and if someone want them, that’s were they should be.

The following quits are for sale for $150.00 each + $20.00 shipping. If you see something you like contact me at [email protected].

The first (below) is one of my favorites, “Spanish Moss”. Lots of vintage 70’s fabric and ties. I called “Spanish Moss” because when I look at it I keep trying to figure it out, like looking at spanish moss hanging from trees and trying to understand why it grows in the directions it does.It’s about 58″ x 45″.

This one I saw in a dream. It’s called “Red Square” because that’s the title that came to me on waking. There are layers of fabric under the white. It’s a subtle and quiet quilt revealing itself slowly. There is also a detail photo and a photo of the back. It’s about 51″ x 68″.

The last one for today is called “Feed the Hunger” the title comes from and Indigo Girls song. The lyrics are “starve the emptiness, feed the hunger”. That’s what I’m doing whenever I make a quilt I’m feeding the hunger. This started as a monochromatic quilt (the center) and gets gradually bolder. I remember debating which way to take it once I laid out the blues. But once I put the red and yellow down, I knew there was no turning back. I love looking at the subtle change of color in the yellows and the different patterns in the reds. It measures about 56″ x 67″.  SOLD

Enjoy looking and let me know if you see something you like. I’ll post a few more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Quilt Sale

  1. Hi Maria,
    Please let me know if Spanish Moss is still available. I have a perfect spot to hang it in my Airstream; would use it as a curtain. Have a productive and fun week ahead, Maria!

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