Quilt Sale Cont….

The Full Moon/Waning Moon/ Letting Go Quilt Sale continues. Below are the last two additions to the sale. All the quilts are $150 each + $20 shipping. If you’re interested or have any questions email me at [email protected].

This one is “Black, White and Red All Over”. I was inspired by one of the Gee’s Bends quilts were I noticed that the ties were just as important as the fabric it was tacking. I wanted to make a quilt that did the same thing. I named it “Black, White and Red All Over” after the joke that asks “What’s black white and read all over?” (The answer, of course, is a newspaper.) This one is all about color and texture, and has lots of slow details. It’s measures about 85″ x 64″. SOLD

This is a detail and below is the back of the quilt.

The last quilt for sale is called “Victorian Trashy” It’s inspiration came of a dreamy state of mind. I was thinking of all those small spaces in nature where fairies might live, tiny, protected moss covered areas, the spaces under leaves or between rocks. Jeanne’s bottle (from the old TV show “I Dream of Jeanne” ) was also on my mind. As a kid I loved the inside of her bottle where she lived before being released. I always wanted one of those pink, circular couches. “Trashy Victorian” has pockets and buttons and some vintage fabric from the 1950’s and 60’s. I think the mix of fabrics and textures along with the “fleshy” colors give it the “trash” in “Trashy” It’s about 86″ x 61″.  SOLD

Below is a detail.

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