Freida and Lenore in the studio barn without me

If I were to put up a picture of what I did today, no one would want to look at it, including me. I spent the day updating my new Quick Books Pro bookkeeping program. Between the marriage, business name change and changing my last name I’ve had 5 bank accounts going at once. Bookkeeping is not my forte, but it still needs to be done.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the studio creating new work and building an inventory of potholders, bags, eyeglass and cell cases quilts and maybe something new to put up for sale on my site. Christine Nemec from Redux Art and Antiques will also be selling some of my work. It’s nice to be represented by a gallery.

One thought on “Freida and Lenore in the studio barn without me

  1. Hi Maria, Yuk. I hate paperwork or bookkeeping of any kind. I get very restless and have to use much self discipline to get through it. This picture of “the girls” is beautiful! Yay for Frieda keeping HER spot on the dogbed by the fire.
    Last pm I had finished my book (a Farley Mowat memoir) and was deeply pondering my life(or lack there of) and turned my glasses case totally inside out to see how you do it with the batting and all…and I found it! There in small initials was your MW !Checked out the “Fido” case this am and there they were again! You are too much! So glad you’re putting your mark on your work. I feel that you’re a very humble woman.
    Kiss Frieda, she’s a doll. Cindy Chambers

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