Forty Four Potholders

I started making the 44 potholders. It’s very different because the clothes the fabric is coming from is not what I would normally have chosen to work with. Most of the fabric is solid colors and I’ve become so used to working with patterns, using solids as an accent.
I get hints of the woman who used to wear the clothes by their style and colors . An apron with fruit, a tee shirt with “golf” written on it, a tote bag from Plymouth MA. Most of the clothes are simple, only one or two have pockets or adornment. I cut these apart first working the design around them.

These potholders are less about me and what I would choose and more about the person who is being remembered and the people who will remember her. I’ve realized that by making these potholders I not only become a part of the story, I create a part of it.

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