unknown parts of herself…

My latest quilt is pieced together although  it doesn’t have a title yet.  I didn’t realize how figurative the maroon form to the left was when I first designed it.  Someone told me the triangular piece looked like a woman and the  fabric with the blue flowers was like the ocean.  The small pink pieces are parts of the woman.  I like that interpretation.  All those unknown parts of herself still to be discovered.

4 thoughts on “unknown parts of herself…

  1. As soon as I saw this, it reminded me of a Torii Gate which is at the entrance to sometimes Shinto shrines, sometimes parks in Japan.

    1. I checked out a Torii Gate, I can see the connection, almost more of a feeling. The Torii Gate is a transition from the sacred to the profane. Thanks

  2. It’s so true about women continuing to discover ourselves. I find that every book I read, picture I take or project I start leads me to new explore new thoughts and ideas and find another rim of happiness. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

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