feed the need

UPS delivered 10 yards of Insulbrite batting in time for me to finish the 20 potholders I was working on. Even though the Insulbrite doesn’t have any warnings on the labels, I’m still uncomfortable breathing too much of it in. When the sun is shining I can see the dust it creates every time I cut it. Dust covers the desk tops and floats in the air. After a day of making potholders, I smell like Insulbrite. So today I took it outside. I laid the 10 yards out on the patio behind the studio and cut out 20 potholders. I took them inside to sew, then brought them back out to trim and turn right-side out. I finished them inside the studio. Freida followed me back and forth and growled at, but didn’t chase, the jogger who went by.

So far, I sold 3 of the 6 quilts on I put up for sale last week. Black White and Red All Over, Trashy Victorian, and Feed the Hunger. Feed the Hunger is one of my early quilts and an emotional one for me. The title comes from the Indigo Girls song “Watershed” and the lyrics “….I better learn how to starve the emptiness and feed the hunger.” That’s just what I was doing when I made the quilt, feeding a need instead of trying to fill a hole. I’ll be shipping Feed the Hunger to it’s new owner tomorrow, and it’s going to the perfect home. I hung it on the outside of the studio today to look at while I worked. It’s wonderful to be able to share something so meaningful with someone I don’t even know.

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