Every morning when I leave the house and go to my studio, Freida follows me. Once out the door, she waits for me at the end of the driveway ( I always remind her “no street”) then we cross the road together and she sits for a treat as soon as we get into the studio. I take off my shoes, open the windows and turn on the computer. Freida either goes to her crate or lies down in front of the wood stove.

Throughout the day, as I work, she moves between these two spots. If the UPS man comes or someone walks by she’ll stand up and growl or bark, but rarely leaves this small area where she spends the day. When I put on my shoes to go outside, if she’s not already there, she goes into her crate. This is how Freida and I spend many of our days together. Other than going to the Vet, she rarely leaves the Farm.

But tonight Freida went to the Red Fox Book Store in Glens Falls. She sat next to Jon as he told her story and how he taught her how to live on Bedlam Farm. And now it seems she’s learned how to be in a bookstore surrounded by strangers. Although she may have been a bit nervous (or was that just me?) no one would have guessed she was once a dog who I didn’t trust around my closest friends.

I think a big part of tonight was about trust. Trusting Jon and trusting Freida and trusting myself enough to allow it to happen.

12 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I never doubted that Freida would be the dog she always was meant to be.
    She is so fortunate to have found her forever home. Love has made the difference more than beef jerky! marilyn

  2. Maria – this is a great post. Love the pics of your studio and Frieda. I am so glad that everything went so well for you three last night. I knew she would do well. Letting things happen is hard sometimes. So glad you shared this with us and so glad last night was a great success. Congrats Frieda!

  3. Of the four dogs, I think Frieda is my favorite. Maybe because she reminds me of so much of my self! I was excited all day yesterday about her debut, and stayed glued to my computer last night until Jon’s blog came up. Could hardly wait to see if it came up on your site.
    Thank you for loving her so well!

  4. Hi Maria – what an adorable picture of your Frieda here – I love how she always crosses her legs so daintily – and congrats on her public success! Your new potholders look great, as does the latest quilt! And I’m still sending you some old ties, just haven’t made it to the post office yet! I just felt compelled to tell you that I did the same “playing” in my house last weekend – after I got done cleaning everything, it was like I needed to switch things around like my shells and stuff, and I must’ve spent 3 hours just puttering around like that, it was a perfectly satisfying afternoon. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Maria, What a great blog you’ve written. You’re so right about trust. Also it was FRIEDA trusting you both last night. She took a big risk too. I’m so happy it was a sucess. I too, love FRIEDA and your story. I would have given anything to have been able to be there. The photo is adorable. Best wishes and congrats on the strides your making.
    Cindy Chambers

  6. Maria, thanks so much for sharing all your pretty things with us!! I am so excited every time you post a new picture!! And, of course, seeing Freida makes me always smile!!! She is a very lucky dog to have such patient, kind and loving parents!!! Hope that you will be along with Jon and Izzy on the book tour to Ohio. Looking forward to that!!! God Bless, Tammy P.S. I wonder if dogs crossing their front paws is just a big dog thing? Mine do that also, and they are also girls. Maybe they are just ladies!!

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