Alters to art

Recently a friend gave me a small paper shopping bag. Inside was some fabric, a 46 year old naked Barbie doll and a small ball of orange wool. I expected the fabric and Barbie, but the wool was a surprise.

The fabric was for a bag Suzy wanted me to make her. We had traded Barbie stories. She told me how when she was a kid, she coerced her minister ,who was visiting her in the hospital, to get her a Barbie because her mother wouldn’t let her have one. (Barbie empowering girls once again). She still had her Barbie doll, but Barbie had no clothes. I offered to try and make her a dress. Maybe something mod.

The small orange ball of wool was hand spun and left over from a knitted hat. It was the perfect little gift. Beautiful in itself, and meaningful in the work that went into making it. Suzy said she planned to keep all the leftover balls of yarn in a mason jar. I can imagine what they will look like. Mine will go in the studio, on one of the shelves or alters. An offering to art and creativity.

7 thoughts on “Alters to art

  1. Maria,
    Most days, I turn my computer on first thing, and while I have my tea, I click on to the Bedlam Farm Journal. I enjoy all of Jon’s wonderful photos and comments, and then I click on to your website to see what you’ve posted and where your thoughts will lead me. You bring such inherent peace to the reader and your quilts, et al, just shine. Someday, you might want to consider pulling your postings together into some kind of small book. You have an ability to bring the reader into a place of contemplation. Thank you for being willing to share this with all of us.
    Peace always. Suzanne

  2. I can’t help it, the Barbie subject just makes me smile! FYI Maria, you have taught me through your blog and beautiful pictures about art.I now see a new beauty in small things. I arrange and place interesting things outside and in our “little house in the woods”. I am learning and it’s fun. Thanks for everything, Cindy

  3. Maria,
    Was amazed to read Suzanne’s comment as it sounded just the way I would have started my note. However, I will not be repetative. I wanted to let you know that I really like your busness cards. Using your web site logo was an excellent idea. I always enjoy seeing your creative work. It’s possible to see so many things in it. I like the fact that you are willing to be flesible and work with others who have special thoughts on the use of “their” fabrics. It is certainly a wonderful way to make memories.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. It has been too hot hear. I’m looking forward to cooler weather. Fall is a season that both delights and depresses me but it’s coming.
    Best wishes to Jon, too.

  4. Do you remember those Little Kiddle dolls from the 1960-70s? They were all kinds of tiny dolls. During a recent trip back “home”, I found my “Alice in Wonder-Liddle” doll, wearing an orange dress my mother and I had made for her from felt and a piece of terry cloth-what a sweet memory!

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