The perfect flag

The morning glories are starting to creep their way around the barn to the back of the studio. I tied a string over the window to help them along. “Pieces of Myself” has survived it’s first wind and rain storm. It’s really the perfect flag, I can’t imagine it being inside anymore. It seems to want to be outside for anyone to see, making itself known. I’m thinking of hanging it higher and when the leaves are off the trees, you’ll be able to see it from a mile away.

3 thoughts on “The perfect flag

  1. Maria, How nice of you to help the morning glories along. I love flowers,plants and vines and have done this myself. “Pieces of Myself” is a Grand Flag to hang! It looks majestic. The imposing shape in the middle looks like a woman to me and the maroonish,purple “dress” reminds me of you. It’s a color you wear frequently(by the blog photos) and I think it puts your stamp on your studio!Looks great!
    Best to you all, Cindy

  2. Don’t ya just love morning glories to look at and crocs on your feet. I enjoy most all quilts. This pieces of myself is my favorite of yours it should be blowing free in the wind to find as many admirers as possible. I think the dress shape fits so well with the old timey nature of quilt tops.

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