Right down the middle

I went looking for inspiration this morning because I was starting something new and had no ideas.  I found my Diebenkorn book which is from an exhibit of painting done on cigar box covers mostly about 5″x5″.  They reminded me of my potholders, that would do for inspiration.

Next I started sifting through my fabric.  I don’t know how long it took, but it seemed like hours before I came up with the colors.  This was a struggle,  but I reminded myself that I had never made placemats before, and it would take a few tries before I got it right.  It seems like it shouldn’t be so different from a quilt or potholders, but  size changes everything.   I put the Diebenkorn book back on the shelf (I kept looking at it as I was working and found it distracting)  and  after a few tries, this is what I came up with.

I stared at it for a while and decided it was hideous.  Then I looked at the place where the   hospital green, orange print, orange and red  came together (always my favorite part of any quilt, where the fabric comes together with the fabric)  and as my eye traveled across it to the last piece of red fabric (like a period at the end of a sentence) , I decided to trust the intuition that got me to this point and just sew it together.

Of course, the first thing I noticed, is the line where the two pieces of red fabric are sewn together. It is  going directly down the middle of the placemat.  It’s one of those things I always have to be conscious of.  I naturally divide all my quilts in half.  I can  see its happened again and again, just on this one placemat.  Too many pieces of fabric the same width, not enough variety.  At least I no longer think it’s hideous.

So here’s the finished piece.   Next time I’ll have a little more fun with the shape.
I like the colors, so tomorrow I’ll have a place to start from.  My plan is  to make a set of 4, uniquely designed placemats,  using the same fabric  on each  (maybe throwing in a surprise now and then)  and making sure they aren’t divided in half.

Freida laid on the floor in the breeze of the fan today, it was too hot for her crate.

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  1. I liked learning about your process and inspiration! I’ll be waiting in line to purchase your placemats – can’t wait to see how they evolve!

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