Yesterday’s struggle, today’s fun

Today’s placemats. Same fabric, much different design, I think it shows how much fun I had making them. I have 2 more to design, then it’s just sewing them together and I will have my first set of placemats. I think I’m going to enjoy this.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s struggle, today’s fun

  1. Hi Maria, These are beautiful! I loved reading about your process in developing these. Glad to hear you’re having fun with this.
    I was thinking a set of four placemats with four fabric napkins tied in a Holiday Bow would be an excellent Christmas gift. These would fly off the shelves at the Redux Holiday event in November!
    Best to you and Frieda, Cindy

  2. Hello Maria,

    Let me know if I can get an order in (no timetable, your timetable) as I would love to purchase a set in almost any color scheme. The change in size will present new challenges!

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