My Studio Barn

I’ve found that I love sketching the studio barn. I don’t do a lot of drawing, and often I get frustrated trying to draw, but I’m not as hard on myself as I used to be. My desire to draw comes from a different place, I’m more interested in capturing a feeling or the essence of a thing than reproducing what I see. Maybe it’s just easy to draw what we know well and love.

3 thoughts on “My Studio Barn

  1. Ahhhh, Maria, it is always good to let what is in the soul come out. And perhaps one day, you will be inspired to do an abstract quilt based on your studio barn drawing. I know that my water colors, when I capture them, inspire me to sometimes create art in a different form. It IS important to capture the essence of what touches your heart and soul.

  2. This is a great sketch of your studio barn. I love that you left the utilities. Very real yet almost magical, like an illustration in a children’s book. Makes you want to walk past the sunflowers and open the door.

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