Yesterday I spent the day working in the studio. I didn’t listen to music or some of my favorite radio shows (Speaking of Faith, Selected shorts) I listened to the wind blowing the dry leaves still on the tress and the ones already fallen. Twice the wind blew my studio door open. When ever this happens I welcome it and say “thanks for visiting” as I close the door. I love the way the wind comes and stirs everything up. Natural pruning as the dead branches finally come down, leaves creating dry eddy’s.  The gardens are thin and  the colors spare but intense.   I feel it too, the change outside and in. Time to rearrange the furniture.

I have 2 handbag orders left to complete. I started working on one yesterday and I know these two will be my last. They just don’t hold the creative interest they used to, I’ve figured them out and find my mind moving on even as I work on them. Thanks to so many of you, I’ve sold all the quilts I had on sale. It was hard to let go of some of them, but I think it’s necessary to move on. So something has ended which means something new will begin.

Between selling the quilts and buying a new sewing machine I’ve made space for new ideas and means of carrying them out. I have a series of quilts in mind based on a girl named Rita. The first new quilt will be “Aprons of Silence” inspired by the Carl Sandburg poem. It feels good to get back to the quilts and I can also imagine their “potholder offspring”.

7 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Autumn is my favorite season. The colors, the light, the smells, everything feels just right. The door to your studio and the far off vistas, pure magic.

    1. thanks Luanne, Must be pretty beautiful where you are too. I’ll mail “Spanish Moss” tomorrow. I feel a bit sad letting it go but know it is a part of “new beginnings.

  2. Ah Maria, what a gift today’s entry was. Fall is my favorite season. Between Jon’s photo of your studio door, and the description of your feelings today, I was once again an 8-year-old kid visiting my Grammy’s farm in Middletown, NY, sitting on my tire-swing and looking down the hill at her sheep below. My family almost moved there from NYC that year. How different life would have turned out if they had. Thanks for sparking a great memory. I am excited to see what new creations will be coming out of your studio.

  3. Hi Maria, I love to listen. I shut off the radio and noises and just listen. Tonight I listened to an owl calling through the darkness.I love your story of the sounds of Autumn. I think Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons to listen to.
    Can’t wait to see what your new creative beginnings will bring!
    Hi to sweet,faithful Frieda.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to listen to the music Mother Nature provides! I love fall too as do the others who comment here. It’s like the earth is saying stop,look ,see what I have left for you to enjoy before I sleep. Thanks for sharing your work and beautiful surroundings Maria.

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