Barbie’s new dress

I struggled making this bag, but Barbies dress, which is the first I ever made was alot easier. A friend gave me some matereial for the the bag and I agreed to try and clothe her 46 year old Barbie. She’s been naked for a long time and my friends sons were beginning to wondering why she has no clothes. After a day and a half the bag came together, so I thought I’d have some real fun and try making Barbie a dress.

I had no idea where to start. I’ve sewn my own clothes from patterns, but never without. I thought of the Dr. Seuss Cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. I always remember the Grinch cutting the Santa Costume out or the red fabric and sewing it together. It was very one dimensional and he made it look so easy. Then my mind got bogged down with memories of patterns. So many different shapes that made no sense until the whole shirt or dress was together. Nothing ever looked like what it was, sleeves, collars, even the pockets were confusing.

So I cleared my mind and thought ” What would I do”? I found myself throwing a great piece of vintage 1970’s fabric over Barbie and cutting a “v” for her head to pop through. One thing lead to another and soon it all fell into place. I made one dress with mistakes and then another with different mistakes but was able to adjust with just it with just a few stitches. I had to take Barbie’s head off to get the dress on her, but this was one area I had a lot of practice in. After her head was back on , I tied a belt around her waist and put a ribbon in her hair (she has some bald spots). Now she has a great dress and looks 20 years younger.

4 thoughts on “Barbie’s new dress

  1. Oh Maria!

    What great memories this brings back of my Barbie days so many years ago! I remember trying to sew outfits from scratch (I’m terrible at sewing-I actually stapled a pants hem once not to sew) and they always looked so sad next to the fancy outfits you could buy in the store! Kudos to you for that rockin’ outfit you created! She really does look twenty years younger. How much do you want to bet those bald spots were from a home haircut ;-)! I also love the way you posed Barbie for the picture..very glam! Enjoy!

  2. Oh she is so fabulous Maria!! The dress is perfect and it brings out the blue in her eyes :), great fabric and design. Having her head come off didn’t startle her, trust me! Thankyou, thankyou! And my bag is lovely!

  3. I remember my first attempts to make dresses for my Barbie – much like you describe. But I don’t remember having to take the head off to get the dress on. lol

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