The End ?

It’s like when you finally decide to get your hair cut and that day it looks really good.

This last bag came together so easily and was such a pleasure to make, it almost makes me question my decision not to make any more. But I don’t think creative people can make such absolute decisions. They shuts down creativity. So I say this is my last bag, but only until I have the urge to make another, which may or may not happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

8 thoughts on “The End ?

  1. Hey Maria,

    Maybe it just depends what state of mind your in the day you make a bag, that someone wants. We all have days like that sometimes where it just not meant to be but other days we just have that passion in what we love to do stir and awaken. You can go through the same process over and over but your result and look is never the same because each one you make is one of a kind.

    Got the stuff in the mail the other day. I’m sure mom will love it. Looks like I will be making the show in Nov. So I will bring my quilt up and give to you in person. If you happen to make a “winter theme” bag I will buy it. It will complete my season of bags I have that you have made for me.


  2. I was wondering about a clutch style bag large enough to house my Mac. Any thoughts of creating Mac covers?

    If you have the urge to make a clutch with a black velvet “vibe,” please contact me. I would definitely be interested in purchasing one. This bag is terrific; love the black button on that fabric, a Euro feel to me. Have a wonderful book tour adventure, Maria!!

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