A fast walk

I’ll be traveling around with Jon on the Rose in a Storm book tour for the next few weeks and am planning on sketching and blogging while away. Since I don’t have a bag for my laptop, I naturally thought I’d make one. So this morning I went into the studio thinking it would be a relaxing enjoyable day. What could be easier than making a bag for myself.

But I’ve been a bit jumpy the past few days, so before going to the studio I meditated for 20 minutes. My mind tried to get me to take a fast walk or clean the house (which I usually only do when I’m nervous) but I knew from experience that what I really needed was to do was nothing.

Maybe it’s the rain, or my peri-menopausal state, or too much tea but when I got to the studio my body felt like it was filled with Rice Krispies and I had just drank a big glass of milk. Work I thought, work will calm me. I put on a Krishna Das CD and started choosing colors.

It came together pretty quickly and I experimented a bit with some new stitches and my free motion foot.

When I came back from lunch I looked at the bag and realized the flap was all wrong. So I cut it off. Now I had to make a new one and figure out how to sew it on. So I did. It looked ok, not great, but it would do.

But when I tried to put the laptop in, the bag was too small. It fit before the new flap, but with all the adjustments something went wrong. I looked at it for a few seconds and decided to salvage some of the fabric. I started cutting it apart but before I got too far I crumpled it into a ball and threw it in the garbage.

Last time I took the laptop traveling, I wrapped it in a towel and put it in my bag. It really worked fine, who needs a bag.

2 thoughts on “A fast walk

  1. Lots of people need a laptop computer bag, and are looking for something out of the ordinary – beats the same ole, same ole that we see at the big top stores! Good luck with your product development and show us what you came up with, when you have refined a fitting product!
    I would opt for one that is well padded too, those laptops are an investment worth protecting! I for one, am interested in seeing them.

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