“Aprons of Silence”

“Aprons of Silence” By Carl Sandburg

Many things I might have said today.
And I kept my mouth shut.
So many times I was asked
To come and say the same things
Everybody was saying, no end
To the yes-yes, yes-yes,
me-too, me too.

The aprons of silence covered me.
A wire and hatch held my tongue.
I spit nails into an abyss and listened.
I shut off the gabble of Jones, Johnson, Smith,
All whose names take pages in the city directory.

I fixed up a padded cell and lugged it around.
I locked myself in and nobody knew it.
Only the keeper and the kept in the hoosegow
Knew it-on the streets, in the post office,
On the cars, into the railroad station
Where the caller was calling, “All a-board,
All a-board for . . . Blaa-blaa . . . Blaa-blaa,
Blaa-blaa . . . and all points northwest . . . all a-board
Here I took along my own hoosegow
And did business with my own thoughts.
Do you see? It must be the aprons of silence.

3 thoughts on ““Aprons of Silence”

  1. Thanks for printing this. I do see. A somber reminder of how far I have come in my life. A reminder to be myself. I’m ok and a valuable person. A reminder to let things go especially guilt. To live and to enjoy my life.Shedding the aprons along the way. Thanks again, Cindy

  2. I guess so! It’s wonderful that you had the opportunity to share this with your Mom. Sounds like it was a very touching moment. My Mother died six yrs. ago now. We didn’t have that loving relationship that you two have. Be grateful every day for that. It is truly a gift. I always enjoy hearing about and seeing your Mom at the farm through your blogs.
    Beautiful sketch at the train station. =>} Enjoy your tour! I bet you’re thinking of Frieda.

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