Lexington Hilton

More stuffed chairs, round tables, and floor lamps. We’ll see what the Days Inn has to offer.

6 thoughts on “Lexington Hilton

  1. Maria,
    Lexington, KY is my hometown. Too bad you and Jon can’t stay longer and visit the beautiful landscape and horse farms around Lexington. I’m sure Jon could take some beautiful pictures here. Sorry, I couldn’t make it to the book reading. I’m looking forward to you being back home making your lovely things.

  2. Maria,
    I love your sketches. I’m taking a drawing course and trying to learn to do just that…I think it’s much more fun than taking pictures…for me it internalizes what I’m looking at (and often loving!) I have enjoyed Jon’s blog for years, and you’ve had enriched it by enriching his life, and now I find myself as eager to read yours…maybe even a little more! I struggle to like who I am and how I am living, and you help me so much! Thank you.

  3. Maria… I saw on one of your post comments someone had mentioned to you try watercolors…. I have a suggestion as well, me being a person who majored in photography but had to take illustration in college and was not great at it… Pastel crayons were my life saver. Especially great for the person who loves to sketch but is not an “illustrator”. You color with them and smudge w/ your fingers and blend the colors together making shades and shadows. Being someone who likes to work with your hands… I bet you would be great at this! I love smudging the colors togethers… search drawing w/ pastels on google and see what you find.. Good luck in all of your ventures.. it was good to see you at the clifton park library, though we didn’t speak

  4. Hi Maria! It was great fun to see your sketch of this particular hotel room and then on Jons sight, see the picture of the same lamp/chair in his photo of Izzy. It made me smile to see both expressions of the same scene. I hope your weekend off is full of rest, and re-centering. I am delighted that the tour has been so fruitful for you both.

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