Home, inside the studio

So good to be back home. I even enjoyed unpacking and doing the laundry. Not enough time to work in the studio, but just sat there for a while, visiting with the space. Tomorrow I work at the ARC, but Monday I’ll be at the sewing machine, continuing to work on my first Rita Quilt.

4 thoughts on “Home, inside the studio

  1. Maria…I finally caught up with your blog. It was fun to see all the places you stayed through your sketches. Glad that you enjoyed being on the book tour…I’m sure that many people could not wait to meet you. The photos of you with the donkeys have been fabulous and say a lot about your relationship. Ever since you came into the picture, Jon has been a changed man. I think he has developed a greater appreciation for everything and is so grateful to have someone like you in his life.

    The figures you did on your sewing machine are very interesting…I can see that going somewhere.

  2. Maria, it was a pleasure to meet you at the Bainbridge Library during your and Jon’s tour. I love the “Rita” designs and am looking forward
    to seeing more. Have fun doing the work you love today.

  3. Always nice to go away, but nicer still to come home. I am sure you realized how important you were to Jon on this trip.
    Looking forward to your “Rita Quilt”. Did I miss somewhere the story of how “Rita” came to be?
    Happy quilting and happy home time.

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