Bluebird in my Studio

As I was making a fire in the stove in my studio this morning I heard a commotion by sewing machine. When I looked around I found a bluebird stuck between my desk and the wall. I picked it up. It roosted on my finger, but it’s mouth was open as if gasping for air. I brought it outside thinking it would fly away, but it just sat on my hand. Within moments, Mother, the barn cat came running towards me. It was as if she somehow knew the bird was in my studio and was waiting for it.

I brought the blue bird back in the studio and set it on a branch in a box. It roosted quietly and I soon noticed that it’s beak was closed. It was probably just startled. I brought him outside and this time as Mother came towards us, the bluebird flew out of my hand, over the barn and out of sight.

The appearance of the bluebird felt mystical to me, so I googled it. It turns out that it’s a symbol of transition or passage. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra and creative expression.

The perfect way to begin my day working on my first Rita Quilt “Aprons of Silence”

These are my 2nd and 3rd attempts at “Sad Rita” the second is the finished piece that I’ll use in the quilt. The slope of the shoulders and long face made all the difference.

12 thoughts on “Bluebird in my Studio

  1. What a lovely entry.Very heartwarming.”Instant Karma”.I love the sad Rita! I’m sure your day was great. The little Bluebird saw to that.

  2. Ah, the uniform of the toiling Woman. This has great meaning for me personally, as I toiled in the kitchen for years. Pies, bread, babies. Now I am retired, a widow, my children are grow and I hardly ever bother with an apron! I am free, and I celebrate the future.

  3. I found your bluebird entry so totally charming – perhaps magical would be a better way to say it – and I am so glad that the bird was ok. My husband Jim and I had the pleasure of meeting you at Jon’s talks in Lexington, and now, having read all of your blogs, I am looking forward to following your art as well as Jon’s writing. And your entries on crying, and your feelings at the Holocaust Museum, touched me as well. When we visited the house where Ann Frank spent her time in hiding, it was almost too much to bear – and yet I felt she was owed at least that much – to acknowledge what she experienced, and to never forget what horror hatred and ignorance can create.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotions in such an honest way.

  4. It is interesting that the blue bird came inside the studio, at this time of transition in your creativity. Do you think the open mouth was
    giving “voice” to Rita?

  5. Hello Maria! So glad you were at home in your studio to free this gentle spirit! Bluebirds are always a welcome sight and symbol.

  6. I love Sad Rita! I am ashamed to say I haven’t visited your website
    in awhile. A fantastic updating of the site! I will be a regular visitor now! Thanks for sharing your sketches…you are such a true and heartfelt artist. So many talents, so many ideas! I loved the bluebird story…what a great experience. Thanks!

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