Waiting Room

Usually when Jon does an interview for TV or radio, I watch and listen from the control room.

Today we went to a radio station in Needham, MA and I got to wait in the reception area and listen to an investment talk show. I read through the Time magazine on the coffee table, but the rest were financial magazines, so I took out my sketch book.

I did a few drawings of the reception area, but I found them cold, so I rearranged the furniture. I thought of the Dickens story where he animates a chair and tried to do the same with each element in the room. The only thing I added was the round rug under the chair.

I like my version better, it may not make as much sense, but it’s more fun.

2 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. I see a book of sketches in your future. How about note cards and some that could be framed? I love someone who catches the moment. None of our lives have smooth edges, they are more like you sketches. Thanks for sharing they are beautiful. I would love to see note cards with you and the donkeys. The pic with you between them was fantastic. the one with your hand out touching their nose. The convey so much love and understanding. It’s that everyday inspiration that keep us going.
    Thank you so much. Blessings and zen from out house to yours.

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