One of a kind Potholders

I look around the studio, see something that I think will make a good drawing, do a quick sketch in pencil then choose a fabric and copy the sketch onto the fabric with my invisible marker. I’m learning how to use the stitches on the machine to make a mark like a soft pencil. Inherently the stitch creates a hard edged line. By using more than one line, and or more than one color thread, the line softens and becomes more fluid and expressive. I’m learning to actually draw with the machine, and not just trace the marker line.

I’ve made 8 one of a kind potholders in the past two days. They will all be for sale at the Creative Union Show at Redux Art and Antiques on Saturday November 13th. I’m sure I’ll have a few more by next Saturday, I just can’t seem to stop making them.

You can see more of the potholders on my Events page.

8 thoughts on “One of a kind Potholders

  1. Maria, I love these potholders the most! What a wonderful idea and the results are absolutely stunning! I predict you will sell out of them in moments and not be able to keep up with the orders. I would so love to participate in some of your gatherings, library supports etc. I am so far away. I am with you in spirit, cheer leading from the peanut gallery if you will. Its a very exciting time for both you and Jon, individually and as a team. Your happiness is contagious, I hope mine is too!

  2. Hi Maria,
    I LOVE the lightbulb! Is there someplace you will be posting pictures of your potholders after your show at Redux? As I can’t get up there, but would love to order a couple or so for Christmas gifts, where would I look?
    Your work is SO cool. Suzanne

  3. Oh I just love the light bulb and the bee – keep going, keep going!! What a marvelous thing, drawing with your sewing machine. Magical.

    1. Hi Carol, I’ll be selling the new potholders this Saturday at Redux Art and Antiques in Dorset Vermont. Whatever is left will be for sale on my website next week. I’ll also be making more and will put you on my list and contact when they are done. Thanks Maria

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