Room 403 reflected in TV

Last Sketch from the Book Tour. Stayed at the Concord Inn in Concord MA. It’s a funky place. I wanted to rearrange the furniture. A stuffed chair blocked the fireplace (reminiscent of the cupboard in Rosemary’s Baby) and there was a TV in front of the window. The number on the key and the room number didn’t match. My sister told me the Inn was haunted, but I can only imagine it is as confusing for the ghosts as it is for the living.

The town definitely has feeling, so much history and creativity.

I’ve must admit I’ve been a bit cynical about Thoreau and Walden Pond since I read that Emerson’s wife used to bring Thoreau dinner and cookies almost every night while he was living on the pond. But I found myself moved and inspired when we visited the site of the cabin. I wanted to swim in the water, to immerse myself in the place. My cynicism dissolved and was replaced by reverence. I could never get through Walden in the past, but I think I’ll try again, now that the romantic in me has been renewed.

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  1. I think I read Emerson also paid Thoreau’s rent for the cabin. Such independence. Reminds me of Kerouac, all swagger and independence, but always running back to live with Mamere.

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