Dreary November

I went into the studio excited to make some more of my new potholders. I made one of my books on the table and threw it out, it just wasn’t right. I tried it again, it was dull, dreary, too many straight lines,the browns and blues depressing.

I heard on the radio this morning that November is the most overcast month of the year in this area. In the past few years I’ve come to dread November. It’s icy cold, rainy and snowy, the sun never shines and the days are short. Today was the “perfect” November day. There was rain, snow, sleet and wind. It was cold and the sun didn’t shine once. It’s 5:00 and already dark.

So after a few tries, I gave up trying to make anything new in the studio. I sewed together some potholders I had made last week for the Creative Union show on Saturday.

Keeping with the day, I kept my expectations low and did what I could do.

7 thoughts on “Dreary November

  1. For me, the dreary days lend themselves to good rest for my brain…sometimes a low expectation is a good thing. I do like the photo and, by the way, enjoy the work you post as well. Mary Ann

  2. Hi Maria, My sentiments exactly. November sucks. Some days it is ok to do just what you can. We have to accept this as being alright. My problem is when I have these bare boned minimalistic days I tend to feel guilty. I’m working on this.
    Best of luck this Sat. Have a good time!

  3. Maria—Is it snowing there? I too, find November a bit dreary. But soon the lights of the holidays and all the friends and family (near and virtual) will be around. Soon we will celebrate Thanksgiving and think about all that we have to be grateful for, and then Spring will be soon upon us!

    Take heart, dear one!

  4. I’m gathering wildflower seeds that I hope to plant in the Spring for our bees. I’m also looking forward to Summrt seeing the wall just outside your door adorned with sunflowers again. But in the mean time I will wait to see what “Rita” does for entertainment during the winter.

    Thank you for sharing the good and bad times.

  5. I try to get as much sunlight exposure when I’m working at my PC, or elsewhere. I find that this is helpful. On the dreary days, I use a full spectrum light so this is also helpful. I do Qigong, while facing a sunny window and peering out into the garden and then I reorient myself by looking at something green. I don’t beat myself up about schedules. November is the darkest month of all, but as December rolls around, and then January, the evenings lighten. By the Solstice which is the shortest day, (I believe) we have turned the corner. Spring isn’t too far off, with the coming renewal.

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